Travel Media Services

Freelance Photography

Selection of High Resolution, Joint Copyrite, Edited & Captioned Photographs perfect for updating media galleries, newsletters, website content, and social media channels.

Video Production & Editing

 Full HD cinegraphic promotional videos and experiential storytelling created for digital marketing via client websites and social channels (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook).

Written Articles

Provide between 500-1000 words highlighting destination / experience to be shared on personal blog and clients website.

Social Media Promotion Package

Reach of hundreds of thousands through FB/Twitter/Instagram plus detailed reporting to prove ROI on shared content.

Latest Video Work

Discover Kyrgyzstan Summer Campaign

This summer I got the amazing opportunity to shoot a video and photography campaign for Discover Kyrgzstan for 3 weeks. The country is an absolute hidden gem. With this video, I wish to give you an idea about the uniqueness of my travel experience in Central Asia. 

Latest Posts

The ability of planning ahead can be a live safer when it comes to traveling independently. Some situations and challenges however are impossible to predict, yet even more important to face accordingly.
The always emerging question when it comes to travelling is how much stuff to take with you and how to fit it in your backpack or suitcase. This nomadic travel packing list helps Us prepare for long travel journeys.

8 things we love about living in Spain

Posted on August 26, 2017

This article is a collection of wonderful memories we created while living in Spain for 12 months and contains 8 things we love about this country.

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