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You have always been dreaming about quitting your boring 9-5 office job and work remotely from amazing places all over the world? Stop dreaming NOW.


The idea of this blog is to provide you with a behind the scenes comments, tips and tricks on how to become a digital nomad and live your own dreams. With Snell Media, we have started our own independent media production company that allows us to work remotely and independently while traveling the world – and you can do the same! We will focus on our niche product destination marketing through videography and explain what it is and how it works. In this regard, I would like to encourage you to feel free to comment and let us know what interests you, which questions move you and have not yet been answered!


What are your questions to Snell Media? Do you have any tips or suggestions or made similar experiences?




Nellie and Greg

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Bruneck, Italy with Tourismuszukunft

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