Sunset at Venus Bay - West Eyre Peninsula

Three Months – Half Way Mark

Today marks the exact midway point of the six month ‘Best Jobs in the World’ contract. Ahhhhh!!! Serious, it kinda freaks me out. I can’t believe it has already been three months. I knew time would fly, but man, this fast, really? What’s the old saying, time flies when you’re having fun? Seems fitting.


Its Halloween at Christmas in Adelaide!
Its Halloween at Christmas in Adelaide!
The last three months have been incredible, an absolute whirlwind ride. I have met so many passionate and inspiring people, been introduced to the most interesting wildlife and stunning landscapes, experienced once in a lifetime expressions of nature and captured some amazing moments through the lens, I have seen countless sunsets and even a few sunrises. The contract thus far has been literally life changing and chalk full of cool experiences. The next three months are shaping up to be just as awesome and I am very much looking forward to visiting more of South Australia and continuing to share with you the wonders of this beautiful state.

Sunset at Venus Bay - West Eyre Peninsula
Sunset at Venus Bay – West Eyre Peninsula
The Wildlife Caretaker position has really begun to take shape over the last 30 days. I have been receiving a ton of positive feedback and great comments on all of the content being created and shared. I have found a groove that engages well and it has been fun assessing different ways of pushing the Wildlife Caretaker reach even further. It is truly amazing to know that so many people are supporting the ‘Best Jobs’ campaign and working with me to really highlight the tourism opportunities we have here in South Australia. I feel honoured to have been chosen for this position and overwhelmed by the number of people who are following the journey and loving the adventures.

As a slight continuation from my last monthly update, the most engaging feedback I have received has been in relation to photography. The photo ops in South Australia are everywhere. There are boundless wildlife portraits, great landscapes, colourful festivals, interactive people, and best of all cute baby animals doing human like things. Taking photos is a passion of mine and a daily hobby since I began solo travelling almost ten years ago. A lot has changed since then, both in equipment, editing, and in my general skill set, but shooting photos and capturing moments still seems to be the best form of visual engagement and sharing of my travel experiences.

A female Lion yawns wide at the Monarto Zoo
A female Lion yawns wide at the Monarto Zoo
A Blue and Gold Macaw soaring across an open grass area - Adelaide Zoo
A Blue and Gold Macaw soaring across an open grass area – Adelaide Zoo
To continue with photography, I think one of the highlights of the ‘Best Jobs’ thus far has been having the opportunity to take incredible professional quality photos everywhere I go. It’s almost like getting the up close and personal introduction to a destination. There are so many people within the tourism industry of SA going above and beyond what is expected while hosting me as part of the ‘Best Jobs’ campaign and getting me and the lens closer to that perfect shot. I want to send a huge shout out to everyone who has been involved thus far. You are an integral part of making this a success, and I thank you for your penitence and accommodation.

There is so much to say about my experiences and how the first half of the job has shaped the next half, the people, the wildlife, the photos, emotions and the stories…etc. However, I want to simplify things and bring it back to the moment. What’s happening right now, how do I interpret the events and experiences while working as Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia?

I have spent the last month around Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula, and Cleland Wildlife Park. It has been an interesting change from Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsula. Especially spending more time in Adelaide (conveniently) during February and Mad March. This city truly comes alive and it has been a treat having access to all of the ‘insider’ events and festivals happening right now, in the moment. Here’s the crack, The Adelaide Festival, the Fringe Festival, WOMADelaide, Big Day Out, Soundwave, Futures, The Adelaide Cup, and even the Clipsal 500. Each one of these events attracting thousands of attendees and generating a huge surplus to the local economy. I have been lucky as ‘Wildlife Caretaker/part time ambassador of tourism in SA’ to check out the majority of these festivities around the city and experience a completely new and highly interactive side of the South Australian lifestyle.

The festive atmosphere and vibe of this city has totally taken me by storm. There is happiness, art, culture, fashion, creativity, and love everywhere. It is truly overwhelming and such a great example of the arts has the intrinsic power of bringing people together, no matter age, race, style, or beliefs. I can easily see how this city has gained the nickname Radelaide, and this Canadian believes it is one that’s fits the description quite well, this place is rad.

Fat Freddy's Drop at WOMADelaide
Fat Freddy’s Drop at WOMADelaide
Garden of Unearthly Delights - Fringe
Garden of Unearthly Delights – Fringe
Love this place. Up all month for Fringe Fest
Love this place. Up all month for Fringe Fest
For more info on my Fleurieu and Cleand experiences please follow the links. I am pretty stoked on the videos, photos, and narratives from my time spent in both of those locations. Ohh, and I almost forgot to add, I started skydiving. It was my 28th birthday on March 11th and as a present to myself I decided to begin the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course at the beginning of March. On the 11th I had my sixth solo jump and completed another stage of the all intensive nine stage course. It was two full rotations plus a docking while in freefall completed by an unassisted landing within 25m of an intended target. I nailed it, which felt awesome!

Solo Skydiving! Another life goal complete.
Solo Skydiving! Another life goal complete.
As for right now, I am back on Kangaroo Island currently working at Seal Bay. The interpretive officers here are amazing and I am loving being back at the conservation park. I am on the island for the next 15 days until the end of March. I plan on taking full advantage by touring with KI Outdoor Action, KI Wilderness Adventures, the Glossy-Black Cockatoo research team, Hanson’s Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and a Red Bull film crew from Germany.

Every day for the next three months I’ll be continue to update the FB Page, Instagram account, Twitter, and this website. Please stay tuned for more photos and videos, and I hope you have been enjoying these posts thus far. Funnily enough it still kinda feels like just the beginning of something so much more. I guess it’s just the path we all call life, and for now I am fully living the moment whilst dreaming and creating a wonderful and rewarding future. Are you along for the ride? What’s your story? When are you coming to visit?

Cheers from Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island!

Seal Bay lookout, KI.
Seal Bay lookout, KI.


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