Welcome to Adelaide!!

Australia, see you again soon

I am sitting at gate 51 in SYD International. In one hour I will begin 40 hours flying time with an additional 10 hours (give or take) of connection waiting time. For those who know their airport codes, SYD > LAX > ATL > GIG and the return to South America. Go!

Exactly one month ago I touched down in Australia for the first time. Since that day the trip has been a whirlwind adventure around the South Eastern part of the country, and back again. I have been to Sydney three times, Adelaide and SA twice, Melbourne twice, and everything in between at least once. It has been an incredible introduction to a beautiful country and new home, a trip that has literally redefined my current circumstance and goals in life. I flew into Australia as a nervously excited contestant in an internationally renowned tourism competition with a dismal view of the future and only one defining intention in regard to the trip. Today I fly out of Aus with the confidence that my intention was fulfilled and my future once again secure, plus so much more that I had no idea was going to befall my journey to the land down under. I fly out with amazing new friends, life changing ideas, incredible memories, a title that literally says ‘Best Job in the World’, some killer photos, great videos, and best of all, a genuinely content smile that greets every person I meet.

Still feels a little surreal when I tell myself that I won. I don’t know if this excitement will ever dwindle. The possibilities withheld in the next year are limitless. There is so much to do and see in South Australia and being able to leverage the ‘Best Jobs’ title should prove itself sufficiently useful. I am incredibly excited to put some of my ideas into motion and get this gig in full swing come next December. The itinerary is chalked full with amazing activities and challenging responsibilities. Huge shout out to the team at SATC (South Australia Tourism Commission) for working tirelessly to ensure that I am able to make the absolute most of the short six month contract as Wildlife Caretaker.

The job starts in December, so as it stands now, I have 4 months to keep myself entertained. With the attention span of a four year old and the maturity of a nine year old, that is going to be interesting and a challenge within itself. I have decided to return to South America and finish a life goal of travelling to every country in the Americas. It has taken me six years, but I am hoping to have completed the trek by this October. To follow more on that story, just stay tuned, I’ll be writing updates along the route. And it’s looking to be a good one. I am going to travel to the heart of the Amazon, to an area unheeded by the toils of development and resource exploration, way off the beaten path, into a remoteness like that of a cunning Jaguars midnight retreat. This is the lost world, and one I am intending on trying to find.

Getting back on topic, this post is about saying a short goodbye to Australia. As the cheesy saying goes, it’s not really a goodbye it’s a see you later. That’s pretty well how I feel about Aus right now. I am going to start another journey to fulfill a goal and the chunk of time standing between the present sitch and the future employment. My mind is already way far ahead with crazy notions of how to make the most of the absolutely smashing itinerary SATC have created. It is truly awesome and going to be such an experience, there is a part of me that just wants to skip ahead and get started immediately. However, I understand that Australia is going nowhere and it has opened its arms wide for my imminent return.

This country is one I knew I would fall for and one that has drawn me towards it for many years. I was actually actively avoiding Australia prior to the Best Jobs comp. I knew that I wanted to live here and figured it made perfect sense to avoid a place I would love to ‘settle’ until I was ready to actually settle and had gotten most of the travel bug shaken out. Ask any traveller to Australia, it’s the people, the climate, the ocean, the diving, the beaches, the wildlife, the scenery, the beer, the produce, the blondes, the islands, the lifestyle, the sense of humour, the giant smiles… the list goes on and on.  These are just some of the reasons for why I want to move here, live here, invest here, love here, and embrace here, this country, this land, this home.

Australia, see you again soon!


4 thoughts on “Australia, see you again soon

  • Can’t wait to hear all the awesome updates, both of the off the beaten path exploration in South America, as well as what’s in store for your new position as Australia’s Wildlife Caretaker! Such exciting times mate 🙂 Very proud of all you’ve accomplished!

  • I still can’t believe you won, what an amazing experience you are about to embark on & we get to call you one of our own for 6 months. You did an incredible job & welcome to Oz I say. Can we keep you??
    ps – dont be a stranger come visit me in FNQ!!

    • Hey thanks Nic!! That means the world. I am hoping to stay too! 🙂 We’ll see, there is a ton of opportunity always, the trick is to see and make moves while you can. See you in FNQ!

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