Heart Reef Whitsundays

The last portion of my journey around mainland Australia is taking me from Cairns to Sydney. After one year traveling and working, exploring and discovering, things are starting to come to an end. It is a surreal concept that I have yet to fully reflect upon and instead continue to live in the moment, making […]

Daintree NP and Cow Bay Rope Swings!

The second last stretch of the Great Australian Road Trip is our drive from Darwin to Cairns. This part is likely one of the least explored areas of whole Australia which is why I am very excited to share this article with you. I thought that some sections of the trip from Perth to Darwin […]


The story of our Great Australia Road Trip continues. The following is a summary of the amazing section from Perth to Darwin, including the Kimberlys and the Gibb River Road. I am writing this from the front seat of a Nissan Patrol just shy of 200km outside of Darwin. We have been on the road […]

The view into WA

What is the most amazing way to travel from Adelaide to Perth? Let’s pack the car and continue the Australia Road Trip along the south coast heading west. It all began with a dream, a dream to embark on the ultimate Australia Road Trip around the whole continent. My dream was to buy a car […]

Underwater with Calypso Dive Charters - Neptune Islands

Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites is not only a thrilling, but very inspiring experience. No matter how frightening it might seem at first, you will forget your fear once in the water with those beautiful giants. As crazy as it sounds, I have seen the faces people exiting the cage and those people are […]

Oodnadatta Track near William Creek.

The Ultimate Outback Road Trip is no shorter than 3,029 kilometers and stretches across a whole red continent of Australia. Are you ready to hit the road? With the Land Cruiser packed and ready to go, I quickly did an inventory of our gear. We had three lounge chairs, 15 liters of water, four cameras, […]

Best Job in the World

This title is looking a bit ambitious, but I think I’ve started something that I’ve always wanted to do: To travel around Australia by car. Putting the term onto the page has confirmed the ambition and begun the adventure of a lifetime. I have decided to (eventually) travel around Australia by car. So what better […]

In this post I will summarize my amazing bucket list experience of swimming with Sea Lions in Port Lincoln, South Australia. I feel incredibly lucky to be living this dream as part of the Best Job in the World. It’s 06:00am in Port Lincoln, South Australia and I am wide awake. I lie in bed […]

The following are three different short stories, from three different friends, from three different parts of the world. Each have incredibly fond memories of their experience of living in Australia. There has been an outstanding amount of support for my Best Job in the World Writing and it is humbling to know how many internationals have […]