Hills surrounding Kandy from the air Mackwoods Sri Lanka with Snell Media

In the first week of June, Travel Dudes was invited by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts to attend the 2nd Travel Bloggers Asia Conference and Awards. The Travel Dudes team was nominated for the Best Optimization of Social Media and we accepted the opportunity to attend the conference and ceremony. My name is Greg Snell, a […]

Bruneck with Tourismuszukunft Snell Media

What up guys!?! Thanks for coming back to Snell Media 🙂 This week we visited Bruneck in north Italy, exploring the beautiful town with a group of travel consultant professionals known as Tourismuszukunft – http://www.tourismuszukunft.de/ Bruneck is an amazing little historic city in the heart of the Italian Dolomite region. It has wonderful architecture, great food, friendly people, […]

Madiera Portugal Sunset Snell Media

What’s up guys? Thanks for checking out Snell Media 🙂 This video is the first of a two part mini vlog series I put together during a recent trip to Madeira Island, Portugal. I went to Madeira on a photography and video assignment with the Madeira Tourism Board to help create content for their digital […]

Table Mountain

To be honest, I’m not really sure where to begin. The idea behind this blog was to share my travel experiences and photos through the medium of a relatively convenient social platform. It has worked well and I have been able to easily communicate my daily experiences. From Shwa to Etosha has proven the best […]

Capetown Harbour

After two weeks travelling throughout Namibia, I was very much looking forward to making Cape Town (even if it meant taking a 22 hour bus to get there). I’m glad to say that those long hauls are over for the time being.  However, in hind sight the bus was pretty nice, and two Valiums made […]

“Hey man, can you hear that?” asked Rinaldo, “something seems off, not right.” It was 5:30am and my tired eyes were attempting to focus on the road ahead as we drove through the bitter predawn cold trying to catch the sunrise over the Sossusvlei dunes. We never made it. I kept driving for about a […]

Skydive Namibia

Jumping out of a small plane (with no doors) from 10,000 feet sounds like a good idea right? Yeah, I thought so too. Terminal velocity is calculated at about 220km per hour and that was my goal. Turns out you can actually go around 300 plus km per hour if you fly right, i.e. diving […]

Malawi Vibes.

My last few days in Botswana were spent in the north western town of Maun, known affectionately to some as the quote above. Maun is a small outpost community and self-proclaimed gateway to the vast expanse of the Okavango Delta. For anyone travelling or visiting southern Africa, the Delta is a spot not to be […]