‘Best Jobs in the World’ – Finals. Start. Now!

Today is my last day in South America before departing on a three day journey to Australia. I would be lying if I didn’t express my nervous excitement. I have wanted to travel to Australia since I began solo travelling at the fresh age of 18 (for more on that wide eyed and innocent story please see Back in the Day: Aussieland vs. Canadia). It is such an incredible feeling of almost anxious anticipation. I can’t wait to get to Aus!! To see the classic landmarks, to meet the other finalists and Tourism Australia staff, to take a literal ton of photos, to visit the best of Sydney and South Australia, and above all, to share these experiences with you! I leave Rio tonight, flying to Atlanta, then LAX, then Virgin Airways to Sydney!! Let the journey begin!

I arrive on Monday June 10th at 06:15 and have a sneaking suspicion I will immediately fall in love with this country I have been longing to visit. This is it, the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ finals, start, now!


I have been sent an awesome itinerary for the 9 day interview process. For those of you wondering right off the bat, the winners of the competition will be announced to the world on June 21st in Sydney. The Wildlife Caretaker itinerary is jam packed with some incredible activities and experiences. Here is a quick overview of some of the things we’ll be up to:

–          Skills and Drills session with Sydney Swans AFL team and coaching staff

–          Engaging with the local Wildlife at the Cleland Wildlife Park outside of Adelaide

–          Swimming with Australian Sea Lions and filming the whole thing aboard Adventure Bay Charters

–          Helicopter ride over the south west coast of Kangaroo Island

–          Giving a tour of the amazing and unique Seal Bay Conservation Park!

–          Tracking Echidnas at the Pelican Lagoon Research and Wildlife Centre

How awesome are those? …and that’s only to name a few!!  Giant shout out to Tourism Australia for organizing such amazing final interview challenges. I am seriously stoked on this upcoming week!!

So how can you stay connected? Throughout the next week I’ll be writing blog posts, editing and sharing short videos, posting tons of photos, and sending out daily updates!! Please stay tuned for what’s happening in Australia and the Finals of the ‘Best Jobs’ comp! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and having your continued support means the world.  The best ways to stay in the loop are to ‘like’ the following FB pages and follow the Tweets.  Please don’t be afraid to get engaged, send your comments and post your tweets!! The world is watching and there’s nothing like Australia!


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