Best Jobs Winners!!

Winner of the Best Job in the World

Day 12 – June 21st

I did it, and its official. I have been selected as Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia and am a winner of the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ contest.

It is difficult to put this feeling into words and onto the page. I am on cloud nine, sitting atop the world. I feel absolutely elated and am finding it difficult to realize the extent of the announcement that was made this morning in Sydney.  This has changed my life forever and I cannot express enough my gratitude towards everyone who supported my journey and made this opportunity possible! You are all absolute legends and I cannot wait to see you again or meet on the road ahead! Thank you, sincerely.

The Wildlife Caretaker position in South Australia is the chance to be an ambassador for all of the outstanding experiences awaiting us in this wonderful state. From diving with Great White Sharks, cuddling Koalas, swimming with Sea Lions, and waking up Kangaroos, there are endless possibilities to experience something that will reshape the way you view nature and Australian wildlife. South Australia is teeming with incredible stories and experiences and this young Canuck is completely thrilled to have the opportunity to share it all with you! So stay tuned because we are going to have the adventure of a lifetime!!

So what happens next…? Well, I am going to stay in Australia for at least two more weeks, travelling to Melbourne and Adelaide visiting friends, and seeing more of this stunning country. I will most likely stay in Adelaide for the longest period getting to know the South Australia Tourism staff and finding my bearings within the city. From there I will fly back to Brazil mid July and figure out what the next couple of months have in store.  I do plan on coming home to Canada before moving to Australia for good. The Wildlife Caretaker position starts the first week of December, so for those of you back home who are reading this, expect to see me in Oct. and Nov. and I’ll expect you to have a cold beer and a hug ready for me! 🙂

I cannot express how incredibly excited I am right now!! A huge shout out needs to go out for my two competitors CC and Nick, these two have been with me every day and have shared this crazy journey. I can honestly say that I have nothing but the upmost respect for them both and know they will do wonderful things in the future! A huge shout out also goes out to the other 17 finalists, the other 5 who have been successful today and those who have not. The 18 of us together are the most inspiring, creative, intelligent, and talented group of young people I have ever met in my life and may ever meet in the future. It is an absolute privilege to stand among them. Thank you guys for a memorable two week journey, it has been fantastic!

More thank yous have to go out to my references, Bruce Poon Tip (the owner and founder of G Adventures) and Ian Ord (owner and founder of Where Sidewalks End). Bruce, your support means more than I think you know. You are an inspiration and a leader like no other I have ever known. I look up to you on a personal and professional level and look forward to catching up with you again in the future. Ian, brother you are a true friend and another solid inspiration. The path you have chosen in life is one to admire and having your support was the backbone of my campaign. I cannot express enough my thanks for everything you have assisted me with and your guidance throughout the last two months.

Thank you to Tourism Australia and the South Australia Tourism Commission. Both organizations and staff have been incredibly supportive throughout the last two months and have been working beind the scenes to make this campaign possible for over a year!! Your hard work and determination has paid off! The Best Jobs is already a huge success and is only going to go further in the future!!  I am so incredibly excited to be a part of this and to be doing so in South Australia is a dream come true!!  Thank you for helping making this dream a reality!

Huge thanks to my mother, father, nana, two sisters and extended family both in Canada and the US. You guys are such an incredible sense of support for me and I can’t wait to see you all again soon!!  To all of my friends all over the world and a special someone in Brazil, you are the heart of why I do this, I want to share this lifestyle with you guys, sharing stories and experiences, creating lifelong memories that we can laugh and joke about till the end of our days!! Sharing this life is absolutely what I live for and I cannot wait to continue doing so in beautiful South Australia. As I have been saying all along this feels like just the beginning of something so much bigger. Are you coming along for the ride?

I’ll be in South Australia, come and say hello!




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