‘Best Jobs in the World’ – 6 Month Update – The Final Piece

So here it is… the last post… the final piece… the ever anticipated six month update. Half a year, for real, half a year!?! Where did it go? Wow. I knew the ‘Best Job in the World’ was going to fly by, but honestly it still feels like yesterday I was boarding a plane in Toronto incredibly excited about starting my next adventure in Australia. For anyone who has just stumbled upon this post and have no idea what I’m talking about, I hope the above video gives you a better idea of what the last six months have been like. I also hope you dig the video 🙂

A view into my office

A view into a portion of my office

For the last six months I have been exploring South Australia like an absolute madman living in a whirlwind of awesome. Going from region to region meeting incredible tour operators , experiencing the most amazing adrenaline pumping adventures, having the most interactive wildlife encounters, getting access to some of the most stunning landscapes and natural environments, and overall documenting the entire experience and sharing it with the world.

The ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ position has had one overall goal since the very beginning; to grow tourism to the state of South Australia. To take all of the above mentioned experiences and package them into a visually engaging format that can be easily shared across the many channels of social media. I could delve deeper into the blueprints of the position, but would rather focus this post on that of which it is meant to portray, quite simply, the last update of an incredible life changing experience.


Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Flinders Ranges, South Australia
So yeah, this is it, my last update as Wildlife Caretaker. Kind of sad to be honest. This has been such a wild ride, such an amazing experience shared by so many people. I would be lying if I didn’t say the last six months have changed my life forever. It is almost difficult for me to try and put the experience into words. I feel like I am merely trying to describe something that these faltering words will stifle and confuse. I was chosen out of 48,000 people from all over the world to endorse travel to a truly diverse and wonderful state, chosen as the winner of an international contest that will be forever recognised by the tourism industry. It is a little daunting to look back at the numbers and really the extent of how big the ‘Best Jobs’ really was. I think the last six months have been so full on that it’s high time for a bit of reflection.


Arkaroola Ridge Top
Arkaroola Ridge Top
Having the task of documenting and sharing all of the incredible experiences has been one of the greatest things about my time in Australia thus far.  I originally started this website, as many others do, to keep friends and family updated on my travels overseas. Little did I know it would become a virtual diary and visual journal of all things awesome that happen when living a full-time life on the road. These updates, photos, videos, and adventure experiences, will forever be accessible. I can share this content with friends and family for years to come, with my potential children, and with any people who enter my life. How awesome is that? This is something I am truly stoked on. It has been such a privilege to have had the opportunity to document all of the amazing adventures in South Australia, to explore this amazing state and share all of my findings with the world.

I am truly amazed at the extent of how much content was created and how much digital and personal engagement was generated. I have had such a wonderful time speaking and commenting with people about everything awesome SA and all of the ‘heaps good’ adventure activities possible in this state. I have made a ton of new connections both personally and professionally and have learned so much from this role. I am a firm believer that passion and purpose must be a driving factor in everything you do in life. Coming into this job I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I was going to do everything in my power to make the experience as awesome as possible. Six months later it is with pleasure to say I have ton exactly that and can look back at this whirl wind of adventure with a giant smile.


Classic pensive traveller pose
Classic pensive traveller pose
The ‘Best Job in the World’ was indeed an incredible life changing role and one I am not soon going to forget. Now with this being said, I never viewed the end of the six month contract as the ‘end’ of the Best Jobs journey. I once had what I considered the best job in the world before I won the role of Wildlife Caretaker and I know deep down the next job will be the best for me in that moment. I think change is the only ever true constant in life and if you can embrace and create your future, why not try to make it as awesome as it possibly can be? This is my simple take on life. I once wrote, I am a traveller who lives for the moment and dreams of the future, it is with this confidence that I take on the next six months in Australia wide eyed and ambitious. The time is now, the world is in constant motion, and I will not be caught standing still.




10 thoughts on “‘Best Jobs in the World’ – 6 Month Update – The Final Piece

  • Great wrap up Greg, well done for the last six months of ‘hard’ work, and yes of course I know how hard it actually is!

    Come visit in Queensland soon,

    Yoda Ben 🙂

    • Thanks Brother!! It was truly a life changing experience. I look forward to seeing you in Brissie! Till then, keep that honey train rolling 🙂

  • Great video mate, you lived every moment and did the job justice for all of us who didn’t quite make it, really enjoyed your updates. Looking forward to what you do next man! Scott

    • Wow, Scott brother, thanks for the awesome comment! It was incredible having your support last year. Thanks again for following this crazy journey and hopefully our paths will indeed cross one day. Safe travels mate!

  • Well done Greg! I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions you are going through now as you leave this amazing adventure and step into a new one that you are currently unaware of. Enjoy how it all unfolds, I’m sure you understand that it will magically!

    Hopefully we can meet up on your travels around Oz! It was great meeting you at Words to Go.

  • As always, you have captured the essence of your experiences so profoundly in words and video/pictures Your dad and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join you in your journey and look forward to your next adventures. lots of love Mom

  • What a beautiful video – you confirmed what a beautiful country Australia is – there is no better. Let’s hope we all appreciate it!

  • Greg – congratulations on documenting such a seriously amazing adventure. Was just looking back through this and I can’t believe you finished 2 months ago already. The posts and videos you’ve created are amazing, and I can’t wait to get out there myself one day. In the meantime I hope everything is continuing to go well with the roadtrip! All the best – Dan

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