sri lanka the music project

This little island nation is starting to grow on me. Last May I returned to Sri Lanka for additional two weeks and fell further in love with the country. Its landscapes are incredible, the wildlife and natural environment vibrant and lush, its history immense and heartbreaking, and overall its vision of prosperity and a strong […]

tbex 2015

Over the last few months I have been focusing heavily on creating a successful beginning to what I hope will be my future career. During this time I started to loose sight of this blog and the reasons why I started travel writing in the first place. The last year running my own business has […]

First friends meal in Germany. Awesome!!

Hi guys, my apologies for not writing more often this month. I have been working hard on the organization and pre production for the upcoming first three episodes of the documentary travel series, Travel Global Think Local. I have also spent 14 day at home in Toronto, Ontario. I came back from Europe to apply […]


Mush! Yeah, hurry! Hurry hard. For a moment it was as if I were voice training for the Canadian Olypic Curling Team, but as cold as it was there was no ice to be seen, only an endless expanse of crystaline snow and the perfect field of powder with one small track snaking its way […]

TGTL Opener

Hi Everyone, Wow, we are so close to 70% raised with only 9 more days to go!! It is amazing to see all of the support flow in from all over the world, thank you!! Your generous pledge and support thus far is humbling. It is incredible to have hit 65% of our goal […]

A young boy gives in to curiosity peering over his work at my awaiting lens

I want to share some more info on my philosophy behind Travel Global Think Local and the stories of the responding community organizations. The idea is to create a nine part documentary travel series. I have based each episode on one basic human need and researched community organizations around the globe that are currently supporting projects which match […]

TGTL - Travel Global Think Local

This is my second post of the New Year and quite a change from the norm. I usually write more frequently and more about travel experiences, more about a life on the road, about the destination, and not so much about my ideas for the future.  However this year started off differently. I moved to […]

A Roo in the vines

Today is the last day in over a year of working and travelling in Australia. It has been a life changing journey full of epic adventures, incredible places, and extraordinary people. I have been exceptionally lucky to have experienced Australia unlike many people have done before. In only one year I traversed some 40,000km, visited […]