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Are travellers defined by the circumstances they create for themselves? Location, plans, general itinerary, partners. It seems that I am always speaking about my current circumstance. Whenever I meet another traveller the conversation eventually turns to the inevitable ‘getting to know one another’, this is who I am and who I have created myself to be right now in this moment, this is what I am doing with my life and this is the information I am sharing with you. The conversation can be exceptionally boring if you meet the wrong people. However, if you meet the right people, it can be inspiring, thoughtful and most of all memorable. One of the best parts of travelling is the knowledge gained from others on the road. No matter where you go, there is always the chance of meeting someone who will help redefine your circumstance, your idea of what it is you are truly looking for or what the true purpose of your trip is.

Hi, what's your story?
Hi, what’s your story?

Recently I boarded a plane and to my complete and utter surprise was seated next to an attractive young female who smiled as we both came to the mutual understanding that we would be spending the next four hours in close quarters. When does that ever happen, smiles at an airport, usually I only get smiled at by my mom, and only on my occasional arrivals home.  Anyway, the ensuing conversation was an undeniable treat and one which helped me realize the simplicity of one thing, the traveller and circumstance. Is it really circumstance that defines us?

Our conversation started as most do, what were you doing in the location, how was it, where did you come from, where are you from? etc. You know the deal. However as we dove deeper into the depths of initial interaction I started to test the waters and speak more about the actual subject of travellers conversations, what is it that we are really speaking of, what are our true intentions of the travels we embark on, where are our loved ones, who are we sharing these experiences with? Evidently the conversation turned towards relationships and I began to explain my thoughts behind I previous post I wrote entitled ‘The Professional Travellers Doomed Relationships’ ( highlighting the ideas I have found which support the theory that a travellers circumstance is not necessarily conducive to supporting a long term relationship. The jump into more meaningful subject matter did not go unnoticed or ignored, on the contrary, she was well travelled and had obviously put some thought into the subject. Looking directly at me, she says ‘It is all about your circumstance, your decisions. You define your own lifestyle.’ I sat back and let the simplicity of this realization wash over me.  Sometimes it is the obvious that eludes.

So the questions then stems, circumstance, really? Do I have the power to be the master of my own fate, the captain of my soul? Yes, of course. The circumstance I have created for myself is what helps guide me in the right direction to accomplishing what I set out to do in the first place. It is my current circumstance that is allowing me to realize the purpose of this trip. I feel that one can define their purpose and course of action by realistically and rationally defining their current circumstance. Literally, where are you right now, what are you doing TODAY, are you buying groceries to eat, to help support a family, are you investing money in your future, are you on a plane flying to a city to start another trip, are you rising, rinsing, and repeating?

Does your literal current circumstance support what you believe is the purpose behind whatever it is you think you are meant to be achieving? Interesting, isn’t….

Just another day on another plane.


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