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Destination Marketing – How and Why?

What is this niche in creative content creation that allows you to work remotely and get paid to travel? In this post, I will give you a quick introduction to destination marketing as a niche product, explain what it is and why we do it.

I have now been asked several times what it is that Snell Media is doing to generate a reasonable income. Freelancing photography and videography in the tourism industry sounds like a very fun job to be doing, maybe even more a hobby, but certainly nothing that could make enough money to sustain a decent income.

Marketing on the other hand has the reputation of being a very promising career, always needed and with plenty of potential in fast growing digital world. So how do these to dedications come together? What is destination marketing and how does it work?

What is destination marketing?

The term is used to describe a variety of content creating processes that promote a touristic region, country or individual place. The frame of such a marketing concept can naturally involve material and immaterial products and services and is not based on individual actions, but rather on the right combination of different marketing tools.

This might include the creation of written content like promotional articles, appealing website design, radio and television campaigns as well as Social Media. Especially the latter has been of increasing interest for marketing management of tourist destinations. Using videography and photography in destination marketing is not only very efficient in terms of customer engagement, but can be spread on several channels (tv, website, social media) at the same time.

What makes it so important?

Unlike a lot of conventional products, the touristic experience is immaterial and intangible and can therefore not be looked at a store, let alone be purchased and returned later. The customer, in this case the tourist is buying a holiday, hotel stay or day trip based on recommendations and -yes, visual marketing.

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Written content, in this sense, can play an important, informative role in the process of customer decision, but the visual content is more likely to convince the tourist in the end. If done properly, through promotional videos and photos the customer can gain an very real impression of what he or she can expect when visiting a place or tour.

Equally both, video and photo content are able to display the various faces of a destination, promoting its variety while representing the right image and consequently attract the targeted customer.

What makes it so complex?

Visual content is not a more effective but also more complex tool in destination marketing. Videography is time-consuming and requires experience and skills. Editing photos as a hobby and putting them on Facebook might be one thing, cutting 3 hours of video content into a two-minute promotional clip a completely different story.

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More so, if the photographer or videographer has not done his job in the first place, he or she might be missing important content to put together the desired product, which in the end should be representing the destinations value and corporate image.

I hope this summary on destination marketing has given you a more profound understanding of what it means and how it can create value to the involved parties. This value is not created over night and requires talent, experience and the right techniques, which is why I should be and luckily is a payed and economically sustainable job. For more information about how to succeed in destination marketing as a visual content creator, check out following articles, Greg’s Vlog and stay tuned.

We hope you liked this article and would love to hear your thoughts and questions regarding this topic!


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