Temptation Dolphin Swim - Adelaide

Dolphin Swim Adelaide

One of the most incredible wildlife encounters you can have within a 20 minute drive from Adelaide, swimming with wild Dolphins! Honestly, seeing these guys in their natural habitat, inviting you as a guest into their home, is something spectacular and not to be taken for granted.

Just off the coast of Glenelg beach are three pods of resident Bottlenose Dolphins. They are there every day crisscrossing the shallow waters close to the coast looking for food and interacting with one another. It is an incredible privilege to be able to get out there and see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. Whether it be from a surf board, kayak or even swimming, the fact that we can interact with the dolphins in a non threatening and evasive way is something we should not take for granted. It is also possible to get out for a half day boat trip to visit one or two of the local Bottlenose Pods. 

Temptation Sailing is the first vessel in South Australia to be given a dolphin swim license (which says a lot about sustainability and state regulations on properly managing wildlife tourism businesses) and has been conducting successful wild dolphin swims off Glenelg Beach since January 2002. CHeck out their site if you’re in the area looking to do the swim.

Truly swimming and interacting with wild dolphins so close to Adelaide city. Amazing!!

Dolphin Mother and her calf off the coast of Glenelg, SA.
Dolphin Mother and her calf off the coast of Glenelg, SA. Photo courtesy of Temptaion Sailing


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