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On the morning of May 15th I awoke at 04:30am in Foz do Iguacu, Brasil. The flight to Sao Paulo was set to leave at 06:55 and getting to the airport was the furthest thing from my mind. In less than one hour, Tourism Australia would be announcing the top three finalists in the race for Wildlife Caretaker and one of the Best Jobs in the World, a race which I happened to be in the running for. My excited nervousness was palpable and my travelling mates could sense the anticipation as I slowly sipped coffee making bad jokes and looking constantly at my phone. This was it, in less than one hour a decision would be made that would change the course of my life.

Two minutes before leaving the hotel I opened my email to this,

“Congratulations Greg, you’re one of the three Best Jobs in the World finalists who will soon be making your way to Australia…”

This is it, my elation is indescribable, I re re-read the short email and the broad smile broadens. I have made it, the finals, picked from 46,000 video applications as one of the top three! And slowly the inevitable question stems… what’s next?


To everyone who supported my application and shortlisted campaign, I cannot express enough my thanks. Truly, you are the reason I am here, yes you, each and every one of you. The people I have met on the road, my family, my friends from school, from Toronto, from British Columbia, everyone who visited and shared my Facebook page, you are the true heroes, you are my ultimate references, and the source of my passion to continue living life to the absolute fullest.

Thank you for taking the time to be involved, for not just ignoring another request from someone looking to do something via social networking. Your comments and actions have not gone unnoticed. I have overseen and interacted with every form of continued international support throughout the campaign. Honestly, it is absolutely your conscious decision to get involved and share your support with the world that really matters. You are the one I wish I could high five! Right now! Bam.

To all of the Aussies who sent in their support videos, the ones who took the time to film, upload and email, you are champions! I properly owe each of you a beer. Get ya a Coopers in Adelaide mate! 🙂  (SEE VIDEOS)

To all of the other shortlisted contestants, your applications and campaigns were absolutely stunning. I have been on the edge of my seat for two weeks following everyone’s amazing stories. You each live such a precious and beautiful life. Be proud! The content submitted and shared with the world was amazing! From the Kangaroo costume, dolphins, abseiling, balloon trips, Koala foundation, dog training, the countless photos and outstanding videos, what a race! You are all incredibly talented and inspiring people and I hope to continue following your adventures in the future. Really, I’ll be in touch soon. 🙂 Thank you guys.

So the ultimate question, what’s next? Well, the campaign is far from over that I can say for sure. I will fly to Australia via Virgin for the 15th of June and begin a one week interview process with the other 18 selected candidates for all six positions. The three Wildlife Caretaker applicants will then fly to Adelaide and South Australia for the end of the interview week.  On June 21st the winner of the Wildlife Caretaker Best Jobs in the World position will be announced to the world!! I am incredibly excited to begin the next stage of this process and already have a mountain of ideas flowing through this non-stop whirlwind of a brain. Some of which I have even written down and others that are already in motion!

I am sending a huge shout out (to everyone still reading this) for your continued support and involvement over the next five weeks. I still need your help, let’s do this!! Let’s push for the sky and reach for the ultimate goal, winning. I am a traveller who lives for the moment and dreams of the future.  I am one who relishes in the experience. I smile and laugh, cry and bleed. The greatest parts of life are the people you meet, the places you see, and the friendships you create. The world is in constant motion, and I will never get caught standing still. Be there with me! I was raised to take full advantage of every opportunity that crosses my path. I love life, and live in a way that embraces patience, compromise, and acceptance of another’s culture, habits, needs, and addictions. You are this person and I am asking for your continued support. So please stay tuned and be sure to follow this competition as it evolves over the next month. It means the world to me.

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11 thoughts on “Finalist – Best Jobs in the World – Wildlife Caretaker

  • Felicidades Greg, te lo mereces, disfruta de tu gran momento. Sabes que muchos te llevamos en el corazon y en algun momento nos contagiastes de ti y ahora lo haces a traves de tus fotos, videos y ahora a traves de este gran logro tuyo…..Eres un chico increible, humilde, lleno de muchas lindas cualidades y te mereces esto y mucho mas asi que te deseo miles de exitos y estaras en mis oraciones siempre….un fuerte abrazo muaaa

    • Mucisimas Gracias Jenny!! Desde los dias in Bagaces hasta aqui verdad. El mundo es para nosotros, solo necesitamos a ver los possibilidades!!

  • Congrats Greg. Hope all goes well. And remember to enjoy the ride no matter what the outcome. You have already conquered the mountain it is just revelling in the moment now.

  • Hey Greg, I’m beyond stoked for you. Congratulations. You deserve this and you truly are an inspiration to everyone you meet and to the people who hear about you through others. You are the reason I have been inspired to change my life, for the better, and get out of the dark robotic world of the 9-5 office job.

    You are the epitome of living unbound. You follow your intuition off the beaten track and into the unknown with conviction and without fear of failure. You embrace the world and the people in it for who they are and what they can achieve. It is this open mind and desire to discover that will always stand to you, the people you meet and places you go. Each step you take leads you in a new direction full of wonder and excitement. You do not think inside the box or even outside the box… you create the box. Always striving to do better for you and the people who surround you whether family,friends or somebody you know for a few weeks while traveling across in the back end of Patagonia.

    I feel I do not need to but, I wish you luck and every success in the last few steps in this race and in whatever the future holds for you. What I will say is: Use the most powerful directing force of your future… your belief… to always redefine your limitations. Desire to feel alive, to experience, to escape, to discover what you are truly capable of.

    Live unbound.

    • Brother, thank you so much for the incredible comment. Your words are powerful and your writing outstanding. Thank you for such kind support. I am stoked to know that you are looking ahead with unparallelled assurances towards what will for sure be the adventure of a life time, living unbound!

  • Hey Greg: congrats Keep up the good work .Pulling for you very hard. Enjoy the ride and Australia Uncle Rob and Aunt Karen

    • Thank you Karen!! I am so happy you have followed the blog from the beginning. It really makes me feel like we are much closer than the 12,000km would suggest! Miss you!! G.

  • Well done mate!
    Australia is so lucky that you participated on this contest, you are a prodigy promoter… they must be crazy not to pick you. Good luck, and see you in Australia!

    • Pascal!! Thank you brother. Yes, I am super stoked that I applied, definitely the right time. With both of our contracts finishing with G, it looks like Australia is the place to be. Catch ya Down Unda’!!

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