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Follow ‘Best jobs’ Finals Day 11 – 12

Bridge Climb – Final Interview – Winners Announcement Rehearsal – Winners Announcment

…and the final two days are upon us!! Crazyness, what a ride! The ‘Best Jobs in the World’ international competition has been running solidly for almost 8 weeks and everything comes down to these last couple days. Some may think it has flown by, gone so fast, oh my god, what an experience. But in reality, it has been an amazing combination of ups and downs, moments and memories that will last a lifetime. I will get more into the soppy stuff when the ‘Announcement’ piece is written this Friday (the 21st), where as this post is about the last two days of this incredible competition.

Day 11 June 20th

Today I arose early (around 8am, ha!) to join the Tastemasters and head off for our Bridge Climb. The Harbour Bridge is one of the most recognized structures in Australia and to climb to the top is a must do activity here in Sydney. So that being said, Tourism Australia organized us each a spot to climb the bridge on the second last day of the comp! Nice. The Wildlife Caretakers and Tastemasters were up first. Give er’!!

We headed off at 08:30 and by 9 were climbing. The whole tour is a fantastic introduction to Sydney and its surrounding areas. The views from the top are unarguably the best in the city and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable on the history of Australian colonization and local matters closer to home. It was a great way to spend the morning and something I have been itching to do ever since arriving in Aus.

That afternoon things got a little more serious. Our only challenge today was a 15 minute individual interview with a panel of two Tourism Australia staff, one South Australia Tourism staff, and one Virgin Australia staff. This was the official last interview, final overview, the chance for us to prove why we are the best candidate for the position, why we should be chosen for the ‘Best Job in the World’.

I went in at 13:50 this afternoon and have to say, for possibly the most important interview of my life, it went incredibly smoothly and was a really nice opportunity to highlight my passion for obtaining this position. I am really happy with how out conversation played out and look forward to hearing the final decision tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!

This afternoon all 18 finalists headed over to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to have the pre winners announcement rehearsal so we are all on the same page for what is happening tomorrow. It is an amazing location in the heart of the Art Gallery of NSW in central Sydney!! Exciting stuff.

Day 12 June 21st

This is the final day of the competition where the winners of each of the six jobs up for grabs will be announced.  The event will be held at (as mentioned above) the AG NSW in Sydney between 9:30 and 11:00am.  After the event the winners will be answering media calls and answering a ton of questions no doubt. From there the afternoon will be spent doing a briefing on what is to happen if you win and what is to happen if you have been unsuccessful. Hopefully I will be on the winning side of this one!

From there we have some free time then all 18 are going to be transferred to the location of the wrap party to have some dinner, drinks and dancing.  I will hopefully post again tomorrow afternoon with quite possibly the greatest post the blog may ever see!!  Wish me luck!!



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