Classic pensive traveller pose, not in Baby Blue, but close enough, I hope you get the idea. Time to hit the road!!

The Great Australian Road Trip – Continues

Almost exactly one year ago to the day I touched down in the ‘Land Down Under’ for the first time. Wide eyed ambitious and optimistic I was on a mission to win one of the ‘Best Jobs in the World’. With a lot of luck and a little skill I successfully pulled off the impossible and signed a contract that would forever change my life. Fast forward 368 days and here we are, the ‘Best Jobs’ contract finished and the start of a new journey about to begin.

It was actually a year ago that I decided the best way to see Australia was by road. This country is absolutely huge with literal thousands of kilometers of routes just waiting to be explored. From the raw and forgotten coastlines to the pristine rainforests and world class beaches, to the outback deserts and vast expanses of living skies, God’s Country is an expanse of beauty and I want to visit it all.

So in June 2013 with a good friend on board for the first leg and for lack of more epic title… The Great Australian Road Trip was born.

The best way to break down this idea is location to location and more specifically city to city. It is very difficult to cover these distances and embark on each adventure one after the other. So in order to properly realize the goal of the overall journey its best to cut it up into little mini sections (still thousands of kms) and take on these one at a time depending on time and money, people, work, etc. So with that being said I have been lucky to have already completed a few sections of The Great Australian Road Trip during my time working as ‘Best Jobs in the World – Wildlife Caretaker’. Sydney – Melbourne, Darwin – Adelaide, and Adelaide – Melbourne.

Now that my contract is officially over I have more free time and a bit of savings to embark on the next sections of the journey. I am hoping to slowly (110km per hour on average) over the next six months explore most of WA, NT, QLD, NSW, VIC, and Tassie! Super ambitious I know, but hey why not.

To do so you need a vehicle and what not better to get then a beast of a 4×4 to tackle the Aussie Outback. I have purchased a Nissan Patrol 4WD Wagon. It is truly a beaut which has been nicknamed ‘Baby Blue’ after her full name of… Josaphina ‘Jossi’ the Baby Blue Beast.

Baby Blue ready to go!! Lookin' bad ass!
Baby Blue ready to go!! Lookin’ bad ass!
 The vehicle has been decked out with camping gear and all of the commodities needed for a road trip of epic proportions. I’m not exactly sure what those are, but do have four hammocks, 26 bottles of wine, a camera, sunglasses and some sunscreen, I figure that should do it for now 🙂 I also have a few backpackers on board to save gas money and to keep us all entertained. It is shaping up to be an absolute dream trip exploring Australia (for the next six months).

So the idea for The Great Australian Road Trip – Continued is to embark from Adelaide – Perth then Perth – Darwin over 40+ days starting now. I am doing the entire two sections with a very good German friend I met on my second trip in Australia last November. We are being joined by another good Canadian friend in Perth for the second half and a British and Dutch backpacker for the first section. It is going to be such an amazing trip and I am honestly stoked on sharing the photos and videos that are soon to be produced!! Also, I am using this as a bit of a shout out for anyone interested in joining for later sections over the rest of this year (2014). Email me if you want to join. Baby Blue can easily take four and I have enough camping equipment for two extras.

From Darwin I will drive to Cairns then from Cairns to Brisbane and beyond. The general plan doesn’t go much further than that at this point, but I have some crazy dreams that will hopefully soon become an awesome reality.

The ‘Best Jobs’ journey is far from over. In my mind this is just the beginning. Are you sticking along for the ride?

See ya,


Follow Greg’s exciting adventure around Australia – From the Best Job in the World to the completion of the Great Australian Road Trip!


Classic pensive traveller pose, not in Baby Blue, but close enough, I hope you get the idea. Time to hit the road!!
Classic pensive traveller pose, not in Baby Blue, but close enough, I hope you get the idea. Time to hit the road!!


3 thoughts on “The Great Australian Road Trip – Continues

  • Good on you Greg! I’m jealous as I want to do it all again! I’ve been lucky enough to do a 4mth road trip from Esperance in WA to Darwin in NT, clocked up nearly 8500km in our 4×4 and it was the best trip of my life – you will have a blast!!! Plenty of places to free camp along the way – so much nicer than the paid sites! Karijini is a massive highlight, kayak on the Ningaloo reef, fly over the Bungle Bungles and test your 4wd skills along the Gibb River Road and getting to Jim Jim and Twin Falls in Kakadu – and if you have time there’s a self guided 3 day canoe trip on the Ord River from Kununurra which is amazing!!! Looking forward to reliving my trip through your blogs, have fun!!

    • Hey Carly, those are such great recommendations, thank you!! Yes, this trip is going to be amazing, so looking forward to Ningaloo and the Gibb River Road 🙂 Thanks for the comment. You rock!!

  • on the Nullarbor, make sure you explore some of the side roads.. the old homesteads and caves! you got my number if needed!

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