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Journey to the Lost World and Beyond

Today starts my last travel conquest of continental South America. This 3 month backpacking trip will take me through north east Brazil, coastal French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana, the jungles of Venezuela, beaches of Trinidad & Tobago, back through the islands of the Venezuelan Caribbean, and eventually the stunning and ever seductive Colombia. I cannot express how excited I am to embark on this trip. These are areas of SA that not many reach and have been on my radar since the beginning of my travels through this incredibly diverse continent back in 2006. The north east corner is mainly uninhabited, rough and tumble, and way off the beaten path. The journey to the lost world, begins now.

This trip is the end of an era in my life and the start of something new. I have been travelling throughout the Americas since I first began backpacking solo. I hold a love and admiration for the people and places I have been privileged to meet, see and experience. This area of the world is something every traveller has on their list, and for good reason, it is grandeur, expressive, and vibrant. Latin America holds a certain majesty to it, and once you start digging deeper, you only divulge opportunities and desires to experience so much more. I have been extremely fortunate to travel to the majority of every country in North, Central, and South America, missing only a few areas and the five countries mentioned in the first paragraph.

Truly one of the main factors motivating this trip is the life goal to check off SA for good. It is time for me to move on and focus my sights towards the East. This three month trip will allow me to cover all corners and be able to say that I have been to every country in the Western Hemisphere, short some of the islands in the Caribbean which will eventually be sailed to, someday. I have a number of life goals and one is to visit 100 countries, this being said, I wish to try and visit at least 5 new ones per year. The trip up through the north east of SA is exactly my chance to do this, this year. This may sound like a poor motivator to some, but my intention is to write honestly and this is exactly that.

The journey is going to be one of exploration, suspense, knowledge gained, and unique friendships forged. I will travel over 7,000km through some of the most remote landscapes this continent has to offer. I plan on updating Greg Goes Global every couple weeks with highlights of the journey thus far and views for the future expeditions into the heartland of the areas mentioned. Here is a rough itinerary of where I am planning to visit.


Rio – Salvador – Lencois – Chapata Diamintina – Olinda – Pipa – Natal – Fernando de Noronha – Fortaleza – Jericoacoara – Lencois de Maranhenses – Soa Luis – Belem

French Guiana:

Cayenne – …from the capitol I have no idea…. Ha! That is going to be fun.


Paramaribo – …and again from there I have yet to form any ideas… 🙂 If you have any, please comment below or email me via the contact on this site.


New Amsterdam – Georgetown – Linden – ….from there I am hoping to cross back into Brazil and head from Boa Vista up into south east Venezuela.

Venezuela – Part I:

Santa Elena de Uairen – Macizo del Auyan Tepui National Park (Angel Falls – highest waterfall in the world) – Cuidad Guyana – Maturin – Guiria

Trinidad and Tobago:

Port of Spain – …from there no idea, but will eventually make it to Tobago and… Scarborough – Man O War Bay… etc.

Venezuela – Part II:

Isla Margarita – Los Roques National Park – Caracas – Choroni – Coro – Maracaibo


Riohacha – Santa Marta – Tyrona National Park – Barranquilla – Cartagena – …and from there we’ll see all depending on time.

So that is really the quick and rough overview. I am certain that this idea will change as I go, but for now it is a nice itinerary to basically ‘follow’. I am lucky to have a ton of friends around the world who have great suggestions and have been to a couple of these places before. Please, if you are reading this and have any ideas send them my way. The traveller can always benefit from the opinions of others and I am open to more great suggestions. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime and a perfect way to say goodbye to my precious time spent in Latin America.

The time is now, I have four and a bit months left before moving to Australia for what I hope will be a long while. I want to make full advantage of my time and savings to really push the limits of my imagination and curiosity. To see and experience an area of the world I may not ever visit again, to explore the raw wilderness that eludes even the most intrepid of travellers, to sit beneath the tree of life under a canopy alive with the integral biodiversity known only to a lost world of infinite possibility, to find the jaguars midnight perch and photograph the majesty of his kingdom, and above all, to allow myself the wonderment of a childhood dream. The journey begins today. Are you along for the ride?


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