Brenton from KI Outdoor Action explaining the next couple km Quad Biking

Kangaroo Island – Adrenaline Fix

KI is not all about watching grazing Roos, tasting wonderful produce and wines, taking fantastic landscape photos, and visiting the cutest of the sleepy Sea Lions, there is actually a wealth of adventure activities available for people of all ages. This post is about highlighting three of my favourite adrenalin fueled half day excursions found right here on Kangaroo Island. Kayaking, Quad Biking, and Sandboarding. Nice!

All set up with GoPros and cameras galore! Go.
All set up with GoPros and cameras galore! Go.
Lisa Kayaking the Harriet River
Lisa Kayaking the Harriet River
Its me atLittle Sahara
Its me at Little Sahara
Vivonne Bay (south west corner) is an all in one destination where you can easily fit these three activities into one jam packed day of fun and adventure. Located about 58km from Kingscote is the incredibly unique landscape creatively named ‘Little Sahara’. The small set of sand dunes have a maximum vertical drop of about 200m and are the perfect spot for first time to advanced Sandboard enthusiasts. It is a pretty spectacular sight. In a remote corner of KI you turn off the main road, drive 2km inland, and around the next bend you literally hit the sand and find yourself in an actual desert landscape (hence the name). Indeed a set of sand dunes in the middle of the island, a truly unique ecosystem and just one more of South Australia’s and Kangaroo Island’s hidden gems.

Conveniently you are able to rent Sandboards right at the entrance to Little Sahara as well as specially made toboggans, please see the links below for exact prices and rental details.  Amazingly too, if sandboarding isn’t your thing and you just wish to walk on the dunes and take some photos, entrance is free 🙂 awesome eh, love that word.

Sandboarding is definitely a super fun past time and probably one of the best ways to get immediately covered in sand. I have taken a couple bails and can honestly say half the fun is giving into the fact that sand is sand and you’re going to get sandy. Little Sahara is a pretty special place and we are lucky to have this great adventurous asset to tourism on Kangaroo Island.

Just 6km down the highway from Little Sahara is the turn off for Vivonne Bay and the Harriet River. This is where the kayaking comes into play. After working up a sweat on the sandboard, it’s time to cool off and get out on the water. The Harriet is a slow moving shallow river with a stretch from the main road to the beach of about 4km. It is best to rent the Kayak and put in somewhere near the bridge or somewhat up river from the ocean. From here it is a slow downstream roll towards the incredible white sand stretch known as Vivonne Bay. You can easily turn around at the beach and paddle your way back to your entrance spot. I would say the whole complete distance would only take 2-3 hours depending. The bird watching along the river is spectacular and there are few better ways to spend a sunny afternoon at Vivonne.

From the Harriet it is time to put the self-powered modes of transport aside and jump on a Quad Bike. Quads are by far the best way to see some of the more remote and less visited parts of Kangaroo Island. KI Outdoor Action (located right on the Vivonne Bay Jetty road) runs quad tours on over 500 acres of terrain covering 20+ km of trails suitable for all ages and skill levels. The area is incredibly diverse and stretches right down to otherwise inaccessible beaches. The quads are maneuverable, powerful, durable, and a ton of fun. Rocking along the backcountry tracks of KI with a Honda Sportrax 250x is undeniably enjoyable and fully gets you the adrenaline fix you may be looking for.

The local quad biking guides are also super knowledgeable and like to stop often pointing out locations of interest and sharing their wealth of info about everything Kangaroo Island. Safety is obviously a primary concern and KI Outdoor Action makes sure that the tours are run in the most efficient and safest manner possible. I was really impressed by the level of service provided and the quality of the quad bikes was impeccable.

I think that the best way to get your Adrenaline fix while travelling Kangaroo Island is to head down towards the South West corner and get stuck in on a sandboard, kayak, and quad biking adventure. If you still have some energy left after all that, take a short journey down on the beach at Vivonne and watch the sun set over the southern ocean while possibly catching some waves. The body surfing is great!

Cheers from Kangaroo Island and enjoy the rest of your trip!!