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Kangaroo Island – In Style

Travelling to Kangaroo Island is a treat. There is so much to learn about this unique and diverse ecosystem. It is a wildlife mecca and plays host to some stunning scenery. There is also a kind and inviting community of about 4,000 people who call the island home. With around 4,000 square km of space, that amounts to one sq km per person 🙂 The island has great local produce and the food and wine quality here is truly world class. From small rustic vineyards, to family owned and operated sheep dairies, to my favourite, a local liqueur distillery using only natural island herbs, fruits and spices, you have to try the Mulberry Gin, it is amazing!

Over 30% of the island is protected land providing great natural habitat for all types of endemic Australian and Kangaroo Island specific Wildlife. In only a few days visiting KI I can guarantee you will see Australian Sea Lions, Koalas, Wallabies, KI Kangaroos, New Zealand Fir Seals, and Wedge Tailed Eagles. Not to mention the scores of other animals you have the chances of seeing while exploring KI.

This being said the island is big (4,000 sq km big), and knowing where to look for the above mentioned wildlife is half the battle.  There are a number of great tour operators all offering top notch trips around KI. During my first visit, and second, and third, I was lucky to be introduced to this stunning landscape by Exceptional Kangaroo Island, one of the operators offering KI touring in style.

EKI employees incredibly knowledgeable local guides (many of which grew up on the island) and provides a level of service that truly impressive. From the vehicles, organization, and communication to the food, drink and good conversation, it has been an absolute pleasure.

If you are looking to visit Kangaroo Island and only have limited time to do so, I would highly recommend looking into booking an organized tour. The amount of geographical, historical and of course environment knowledge to be gained by seeing KI with a local guide is worth it in itself.

Safe travels and cheers from Kingscote, KI, South Australia!!

Scott from Exceptional Kangaroo Island Tours preparing a 'Cuppa' on KI Emu Bay 16-12-13
Scott from Exceptional Kangaroo Island Tours preparing a ‘Cuppa’ at Emu Bay


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