Madiera Portugal Sunset Snell Media

MADEIRA, PORTUGAL and my 30th BIRTHDAY!! #dirtythirty

What’s up guys? Thanks for checking out Snell Media 🙂 This video is the first of a two part mini vlog series I put together during a recent trip to Madeira Island, Portugal.

I went to Madeira on a photography and video assignment with the Madeira Tourism Board to help create content for their digital marketing team. It was a fantastic contract and I wanted to make these two ‘behind the scenes’ vlog videos to show you guys what it’s like to do this type of work.

This video is one of my first in this context and I understand it not exactly hit the point, but please bear with me as I am experimenting with this medium and hoping to grow the concept allowing those interested in what travel photography and videography is really like, to know first hand 🙂 I hope that makes sense.

Right on, enjoy the video and stay tuned for round two!!