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My Next Ambitious Endeavour

This is my second post of the New Year and quite a change from the norm. I usually write more frequently and more about travel experiences, more about a life on the road, about the destination, and not so much about my ideas for the future.  However this year started off differently. I moved to Germany to be closer to an amazing girl and to gain a stronger focus on the future my next ambitious endeavour, Travel Global Think Local.

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I tend to describe myself as a traveller who lives for the moment and dreams of the future, but this vision is beginning to change.  As much as I still love backpacking and solo travel, I have always known there is something more, something bigger than just this life, this philosophy.

There are certain ways in which I have always approached travel, being open minded, realistic, organized, adventurous, social, etc.  All characteristics of what I consider a great experience, yet on top of these examples there is one overruling factor which is always a constant. To have a sense of my impact on the four basic pillars of sustainable tourism, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, what is my personal impact on the local culture, environment, society, and economy? A question I have always tried to answer and make relevant to my situation. If I can potentially benefit these four pillars with my presence then I am doing the right thing and adding to a shared experience.

I believe travel is about people and a shared experience. Whether it be in the form of shared knowledge, shared goods and services, shared stories, smiles and laughter, the idea is finding that connection and working together with local populations to have a memorable and beneficial experience. I have had the pleasure of visiting many places in the last few years and have been privileged to such experiences, having created my own stories, and shared in countless others. I feel it is time to take this one step further.

My mentality is changing, travel is changing. It is less about the me and this experience, and more about the we and us together creating something amazing and sharing an incredible experience. I have begun to think and act more as a traveller who believes we can create a stronger future by engaging local communities who empower themselves for positive change. Travel Global Think Local embodies this belief.

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The idea is to create a nine part documentary travel series telling the powerful stories of extraordinary people in incredible places. I have based each episode on one basic human need and researched community organizations around the globe that are currently supporting projects which match the criteria of the need. Finding a group of people who have a shared Challenge, have created a Response to that challenge, and been witness to the beneficial Outcomes of their hard work. It’s all about the extraordinary people in incredible places and documenting a shared experience through dramatic storytelling. Thus far I have found nine responding community organizations and have been planning the initial stages of making Travel Global Think Local into a reality.

The written agreements, travel logistics, filming, editing, and ongoing web development, have taken up the brunt of the organization and funds up until this point. I have now hit the first wall, or temporary challenge which must be met before we can continue with the project.

I need to raise enough money to get the first three episodes completed. This is where you come in. I need your pledge via Kickstarter to help get this project off the ground. Crowdfunding is the best chance I have of getting this series the money needed to continue and I am asking for your help.

If you have made it this far into the post, please show your support and follow the below link pledging whatever amount you can to assist. There are some great rewards per pledge and also a lot of additional information on the series.

Please pledge what you can and help me tell the stories of amazing people creating positive change in this world. It is up to us to take this one step further, the next level.

Thank you,


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