Leopards in Zambia

I see it before our guide Duncan can notify the group. I fall silent during our approach. “There see” he says quietly, nodding towards a nearby tree, Duncan pauses and we follow his gaze, “leopard in the tree”. My hand is slightly shaking with anticipation of the photo I am about to get. The trigger […]

Livingstonia Malawi

New country, new history, new languages, same landscape (more or less), at least until you hit this giant lake. Malawi is tucked away in south central Africa, landlocked by Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It has a population of about 15 million, a poor economy, one of the only female presidents in Africa, and is home […]

views from the train

There it sits, 12 cars connected, waiting patiently to be filled with the hoarding crowd of travellers each vying for space in the queue. With an off tinge coat of blue paint, each car looks as if it has been exposed to sun, rain, wind, and dust a thousand times over. Weathered. This is my […]

Southern Africa Map

Alright so where to begin, with a title like that, who am I kidding. I am nervous. As of today, I am embarking on a solo two month backpacking trip through seven new countries, with no real knowledge of the local languages, cultures, food, history, dangers, or adventure activities. I plan on using this blog […]