Photography Eurotrip Continued – Prague and Vienna

Last I left off I had visited London on the first part of a three part photography Eurotrip. Now that trip is over. I have since visited both Prague and Vienna on similar style contracts completing the three part trip. It was awesome!

One of my personal goals moving to Europe at the beginning of this year was to continue travelling as much as possible and to stretch my tiny business into the depths of the incredible cultures found on this amazing continent. There is so much to see and understand in Europe it is sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like the centuries old cities (and even villages) were competing with one another in grandeur and artist expression mostly centralized around architecture, religion, gold, and paint.

Each new location boats and in ornate number of churches, and castle, and abbeys, and bicycles, and vinyards, and beer selection, and ridiculous history, and friendly awesomeness, it’s incredible. I love it here.

But to get back on track, this post is about Prague and Vienna and my second and third destinations of the Photography Eurotrip. So to recap, the Photography Eurotrip was a contract I got to shoot mostly active day tours for an online booking agent based out of Berlin. They needed up to date content advertising the experiential aspects of the tours they were selling and hired me to get it. All I had to do was travel to the destination book and capture the tours and send the selections back to the agency. Seemed like a good proposal so I went for it and that’s what brought me to London, Prague and Vienna. Sweet.

So yeah Prague, what an intense city, and busy too! So like most European cities I’ve visited thus far Prague is stunning and will capture even the weariest wanderer’s imagination at every turn. The city is rife with an immense history and still boasts the best of display of Czech Republic culture to this day. From 18th century libraries hosting scholars on the forefront of global exploration and discovery, to bars and pubs that are pouring the same beer recipe as was served hundreds of years ago. And I must add so many people in Prague are proud that generally beer is cheaper than water.

I spent 12 days with two good friends exploring the city and taking in as many tours as possible. It was a great couple of weeks and a portion of the trip I thoroughly enjoyed, especially spending time with Samantha and Leo, these two were incredible hosts and genuinely solid people. If you’re reading this, thank you!!

After a successful journey around Prague it was time to move onto Vienna J But first a short selection of some of my favourites.

Vienna!! Alright so yeah Vienna. What a city. I got very lucky in Vienna and was able to crash at a spare apartment of a past passenger I had when I was a tour leader in South America. It’s always good to make as many friends as possible all over the world because you never know when it’s going to play in your favour. Meeting Heidi years ago and staying in touch through FB definitely helped when I was coming to Austria, she not only had a place for me to crash but gave me a map when I arrived and let me use a spare bike to get to from the booked tours I had, how awesome is that!! Thank you!!

I spent 8 days in Vienna and took another round of tours shooting for the online booking agent. It was a really cool experience and I got to participate in some fun times. By far the highlight in Vienna was a Polaroid walking photo tour of the city center focusing on graffiti and urban landscape. These guys have just started out and have an awesome product. I wish you dudes the best in the future and keep going for it, because the tour is super unique and way cool.

Here’s an interesting end note to the three part photography trip. As some of you know I have produced and directed a pilot documentary series entitled Travel Global Think Local. Recently I have been reaching out to programming networks worldwide pitching the concept… and in its infancy I reached out to a friend who works in marketing for RedBull in Germany. He put me in touch with RedBull Media House at their head office in Salzburg and on my last day in Austria I went to go see them.  TGTL had only just produced our first of three episodes and yet I got a good response from RedBull which was super encouraging.

I have yet to get the green light as of yet, but having the opportunity to pitch to such a big network player at such a young stage in the series pilot was an absolute amazing opportunity and one I took full advantage of. I know they are still interested and it will be interesting to see where this series goes once it airs live to the world.

Anyway to wrap it up the three part photography trip was really great all around. I took a ton of photos, sold a few, and saw some more parts of this wonderful continent. And the journey continues. Next up is another euro trip, but this time by train. I’m headed out on a month long Eastern Europe photography adventure with Eurail, so stay tuned cause it’s sure to be great.