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A few months ago I got in contract with an online booking agent based out of Berlin. They were looking for updated content to market their tours and I was looking for a job. After a trial run in Hamburg and Venice it was time to take the gig on the road.

We planned a one month tour visiting three major European cities, London, Prague, and Vienna. It would be my job to capture as many tour images as possible during this time, uploading the RAW images to their office in Berlin and effectively updating their image gallery as I go.

This is a pretty sweet gig and luckily for me a little longer than my usual marketing content creation jobs. So with that being the case and being back on the road for the next 30 days, I’ve decided to write about the trip and share with you some of the photos.

First stop, Londontown!!

London is famous for having pretty shit weather. It was a toss up to see if I would get to see the sun at all, so I figured best time to try would be late June. I scheduled the first part of the trip from the summer solstice, June 21st through till the day after Canada Day, July 02. This was mostly due to the better chances of getting good weather and also slightly based on arriving during the longest day of the year, which is awesome in England as it stays bright till past 10pm, and leaving the day after a big drinking day, but based on an old rule, always plan to leave late allowing for a nice buffer of a hungover morning.

This plan turned out well enough and the weather was pretty sweet. It only rained one morning out of 12 days! Awesome.

In 12 days I did 13 tours with a couple days off in between. It was a somewhat hectic schedule and I was able to produce dozens of ace photos. I was really happy with how the tours played out and learned a lot of unexpected facts about London.

The highlights were Lord’s Cricket Ground, the 3 hour Bike Tour of Central London, Stonehenge because its classic and I’ve always wanted to capture it, the Kensington Palace, the Crab Tree with my mates, the Harry Potter studios, and the open top super cheesy bus tour followed by a river cruise on the Thames.

I also did a Shakespeare walk and learned a ton about 16th and 17th century London. A lot happened to the city in those two centuries and it was fascinating to learn the stories from such animated and passionate hosts.

The tours I’m covering are all for paid work. I take a selection of photos and then the client who sells the tours online buys a package of which images they like best to help sell the experience to the traveller. It is a good little set up and one I am hoping to continue marketing into the future. The more I learn about this side of the industry the more I can move within it and hopefully continue to make enough to survive while we try to get TGTL (Travel Global Think Local) off the ground.

Here are a few of my favourites from London, I hope you like them J Have you been to London, what was it like? Be sure to comment in the comments box below. I’m excited to hear your stories.

(p.s. with joint copyright I can share these images and also use them on social media which is sweet)


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  • Fabulous photos Greg – I didn’t realize that there was a Harry Potter studio in London! I particularly love the sunset photo. We were in London just for an extended weekend about three or four years ago – it was great and your photos encourage me to go back. love Mom

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