Lockswell Beach - Western Eyre Peninsula

Port Lincoln and The Western Eyre Peninsula

Early January 2014 I travelled to Port Lincoln with the intent to make the absolute most of my ‘Best Jobs’ schedule full of shark cage diving, swimming with sea lions and tuna, and touring with some incredible local operators. It was an exciting time to be in Lincoln and I gained great insight into an incredible tourism industry interested in sharing the best of the location and product with the world. I spent two weeks doing exactly this and got some awesome content with memories to last a life time. Follow these links to check out more info/pictures/videos of Shark Diving and Sea Lion swims. Now that being said, I want to focus this post on my three weeks spent exploring the Eyre Peninsula by land, some of the southern reaches and the far western coastline. And what a surprise that was…. now I knew South Australia was scenically beautiful, but this is something else. I mean Port Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park, Sheringa Beach, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, etc. etc. Wow!!!

Avoid Bay - Coffin Bay NP - Eyre Peninsula - 11-01-14 (2)
Avoid Bay – Coffin Bay NP
Great Ocean Tourist Drive - Western Eyre Peninsula
Great Ocean Tourist Drive – Western Eyre Peninsula
The Eyre Peninsula is a vast and expansive stretch of coast line dotted with secluded bays and pristine world class beaches at every corner. One of the best parts being it is hardly touched and rarely visited by what most would consider ‘mass’ tourism. Port Lincoln is definitely the hub of the tourism sector pulling most of the interstate and international visitors and almost all of this traffic is focused on sharks, tuna, and sea lions. There is so much land and coast left to discover, the Eyre Peninsula is truly a hidden gem of South Australia.

I believe that one of the reasons behind the lack of ‘mass’ tourism is basically because of the location, which may be the peninsulas greatest asset. There are only a few small towns dotted along a 500+ kilometer route from Port Lincoln to Cactus Bay and they act as refill stations between visits to remote camp spots and surf breaks. The entire coast is dotted with world class beaches which are mostly deserted. Honestly, the joke on around Lincoln is that if someone is on the beach, you just go to the next one.

Entrance to Waterloo Bay
Entrance to Waterloo Bay
Port Lincoln acts as the main city for the Eyre Peninsula and also offers the best access to the region. You can fly to Lincoln, drive, or arrive by boat. It is a major shipping port and acts as the industrial capitol of an area nearly twice the size of Belgium. The biggest assets are agriculture, tourism, fish farming, and the fishing industry as a whole. Overall it is a thriving community and a central hub of the Peninsula. From Lincoln you also have easy access to Tumby Bay, Whyalla, Coffin Bay and some pretty stunning beaches.

There is also great access to two incredible national parks with stunning vistas and landscape. As you continue up the coast you are rewarded with your travels by beach after beach after beach easily accessible by a quick turn off from the Flinders Highway. The Eyre Peninsula is the one thing that has truly surprised me most thus far into the Wildlife Caretaker and ‘Best Jobs in the World’ journey. The expanse of natural beauty is overwhelming and the lack of people mind-boggling. I mean really the biggest asset may be its remoteness, to get here is a journey in itself and that is one thing that needs commitment. The ones who visit this area of the world have come for a reason and know what waits for them at the other side of a trip so worth the undertaking. The Eyre and Port Lincoln are two places I cannot wait to get back to, continue to explore, and fully immerse myself in their atmosphere.

Have you been to the Eyre before? If so, what is your favourite beach on the Peninsula?

Some of the best ways to visit the Eyre are through Australian Wildlife Adventures and Going off Safaris. Be sure to check out both of the sites and contact either for more info on great one day or multi day accessing highlights of the Peninsula while guided by locals. Such an amazing opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world. Welcome and enjoy your trip!!

Two locals fishing Salmon from Lockswell Beach - Western Eyre Peninsula
Two locals fishing Salmon from Lockswell Beach – Western Eyre Peninsula