Off road in the Flinders

Off Road 4×4 Track – Flinders Ranges

A big part of driving in the South Australian Outback is being on Unsealed Roads and getting off the beaten track, if you may. There are a ton of easily accessible great off road tracks available for the keen traveller to explore, especially around the Flinders Ranges and further north around Lake Eyre and the Simpson Desert.

I was recently lucky enough to do the Explorers Way Road Trip from Darwin down to Adelaide seeing much of these off road tracks and visiting incredibly scenic parts of South Australia especially. One of the  spots, the Flinders Ranges was such a treat to visit and truly one of the best ways to do so is with a 4×4 vehicle.

Just outside of Wilpena Pound in the heart of the Flinders was one of the better Off Road Tracks we had driven on. The circuit at Willow Springs Station is actually family owned and operated just outside of the Flinders Ranges National Park. The Station is a typical sheep station of approx 70,000 acres that offers visitors true bush hospitality and a quiet secluded setting.

The track is most famous for the Skytrek self drive which was a definite highlight of 4×4’ing around the South Australian Outback. The whole circuit is 80km in length and should take around 6 hours to complete.

Off road driving is a great way to see some incredible places not easily reached by the ‘main road’ and the Outback of SA is chalk full of these tracks. 4×4’ing is something I highly recommend when exploring the Flinders Ranges area of SA

Have fun!!

The Flinders Ranges at Sunset
The Flinders Ranges at Sunset