A young boy gives in to curiosity peering over his work at my awaiting lens

The Storyline Outline

I want to share some more info on my philosophy behind Travel Global Think Local and the stories of the responding community organizations.

The idea is to create a nine part documentary travel series. I have based each episode on one basic human need and researched community organizations around the globe that are currently supporting projects which match the criteria of the need.

  • Community: Australia
  • Shelter: India
  • Education: Sri Lanka
  • Healthcare: Haiti
  • Food: Ghana
  • Democracy and Justice: Burma
  • Conflict and Peace: Jordan
  • Technology: South Korea
  • Cultural Survival: Brazil

Each storyline revolves around a group of people who have a shared Challenge, have created a Response to that challenge, and been witness to the beneficial Outcomes of their hard work. The story is then told through their first hand experiences and tied together by the production team in the form of narratives and short description clips.

For example, The Bama Way in Australia (our first episode) is a community of Australian Aboriginals who are facing the challenges of providing meaningful local employment and sustaining their traditions and culture. Their response was to form a group of small business owners supporting one another to drive tourism revenue and employment opportunities in their community. The outcome of this initiative is that the group of entrepreneurs has established a range of authentic cultural experiences for tourists with the purpose to share their history, empower their own community, strengthen the local economy, uphold their values and beliefs, and help sustain future generations.

Francis and Kathleen Walker at the Bloomfield Falls in Tropical North Queensland.
Francis and Kathleen Walker at the Bloomfield Falls in Tropical North Queensland.
This is our storyline. It’s all about the powerful examples of extraordinary people in incredible places and documenting a shared experience through dramatic storytelling. The trailer for this episode can be found on the main page of this campaign as well as our website.

The highlighted storyline is an overview of how I plan on developing each episode. The hard part is finding the support to help make this ambitious idea a reality. Your pledge to our current Kickstarter campaign has been an absolute blessing and it is incredibly important for me to share my gratitude. If you have yet to pledge and would like to,, please follow the below link. There is a ton of great info there and a chance to gain some sweet rewards for your support.

Kickstarter Campaign – Travel Global Think Local

Thank you for your generous pledge and support thus far. It is amazing to have hit 33% of our goal and with still three weeks to go, we have a great chance of making this really happen.

Please continue to support this initiative by telling more people about it. Word of mouth has been much more effective than any other form of networking I’ve seen thus far. You can especially help by getting one of your friends, work mates, travel buddies, or family members to pledge whatever they can. Every dollar counts. I need this extended word of mouth marketing to help make the difference.

Please continue to be the driving force helping me tell the stories of amazing people who are creating positive change in this world. It is up to us to take this one step further, the next level.

Thank you,