Hills surrounding Kandy from the air Mackwoods Sri Lanka with Snell Media

In the first week of June, Travel Dudes was invited by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts to attend the 2nd Travel Bloggers Asia Conference and Awards. The Travel Dudes team was nominated for the Best Optimization of Social Media and we accepted the opportunity to attend the conference and ceremony. My name is Greg Snell, a […]

Bruneck with Tourismuszukunft Snell Media

What up guys!?! Thanks for coming back to Snell Media 🙂 This week we visited Bruneck in north Italy, exploring the beautiful town with a group of travel consultant professionals known as Tourismuszukunft – http://www.tourismuszukunft.de/ Bruneck is an amazing little historic city in the heart of the Italian Dolomite region. It has wonderful architecture, great food, friendly people, […]

Madiera Portugal Sunset Snell Media

What’s up guys? Thanks for checking out Snell Media 🙂 This video is the first of a two part mini vlog series I put together during a recent trip to Madeira Island, Portugal. I went to Madeira on a photography and video assignment with the Madeira Tourism Board to help create content for their digital […]

Recently I got the chance to check out the LAAX Open international snowboard world tour event in Switzerland. It was an amazing experience and all around a great winter adventure. LAAX is a world class resort with a ton of fantastic ski and snowboard terrain for all ages and skill levels. In this video we […]

sri lanka the music project

This little island nation is starting to grow on me. Last May I returned to Sri Lanka for additional two weeks and fell further in love with the country. Its landscapes are incredible, the wildlife and natural environment vibrant and lush, its history immense and heartbreaking, and overall its vision of prosperity and a strong […]

TGTL Opener

Hi Everyone, Wow, we are so close to 70% raised with only 9 more days to go!! It is amazing to see all of the support flow in from all over the world, thank you!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/368374715/travel-global-think-local Your generous pledge and support thus far is humbling. It is incredible to have hit 65% of our goal […]

A Roo in the vines

Today is the last day in over a year of working and travelling in Australia. It has been a life changing journey full of epic adventures, incredible places, and extraordinary people. I have been exceptionally lucky to have experienced Australia unlike many people have done before. In only one year I traversed some 40,000km, visited […]

Tasman Peninsula

So this is it, the final section of an epic journey complete! Tasmania was the one state still left to explore, the final frontier of an incredible adventure spanning 14 months and some 30 thousand plus kilometers. It’s the little island off the south coast of mainland Australia I’ve been itching to visit. It has […]

Team Best Jobs

Introduction Elisa, Max and Greg, are three international travellers in search of adventure and good fun for their self drive holiday in Australia. They have 7 days, a 4WD and loads of energy to explore and discover Tropical North Queensland. Starting in Cairns the crew headed north to Cooktown before driving south to Mission Beach […]