A Roo in the vines

Today is the last day in over a year of working and travelling in Australia. It has been a life changing journey full of epic adventures, incredible places, and extraordinary people. I have been exceptionally lucky to have experienced Australia unlike many people have done before. In only one year I traversed some 40,000km, visited […]

Tasman Peninsula

So this is it, the final section of an epic journey complete! Tasmania was the one state still left to explore, the final frontier of an incredible adventure spanning 14 months and some 30 thousand plus kilometers. It’s the little island off the south coast of mainland Australia I’ve been itching to visit. It has […]

Heart Reef Whitsundays

This is the last portion of my journey around mainland Australia. After one year travelling and working, exploring and discovering, things are starting to come to an end. It is a surreal concept that I have yet to fully reflect upon and instead continue to live in the moment, making the most of my final […]

The Reef!!

My breath slows as I position the frame and set my buoyancy trying to be as still as possible. The Cuttlefish is acutely aware of my close proximity and skilfully watches my every move. I am floating precariously above the sand inches from the coral cluster concealing the perfectly disguised subject. Slowly lifting the camera […]

Team Best Jobs

Introduction Elisa, Max and Greg, are three international travellers in search of adventure and good fun for their self drive holiday in Australia. They have 7 days, a 4WD and loads of energy to explore and discover Tropical North Queensland. Starting in Cairns the crew headed north to Cooktown before driving south to Mission Beach […]

This is a short video highlighting an incredible journey crossing Australia’s Top End and the classic Savannah Way Route. It was an adventure to last a lifetime and one I will not soon forget. For more of an overview into the specific experience please check out The Great Australian Road Trip – Part VI Narrative Post.  I […]

Daintree NP and Cow Bay Rope Swings!

I thought that some sections of the trip from Perth to Darwin were remote. They were to a certain extent, but nothing like what I was about to discover. The Savannah Way across the Top End of Australia is unlike anything you could ever imagine. If there are any untouched wildernesses left on this planet, […]


I write this from the front seat of the Nissan Patrol (affectionately nicknamed Baby Blue) just shy of 200km outside of Darwin. We have been on the road for 40 days and have covered some 12,000km. The window is open and a warm wind rushes through. We’ve made it to the Top End. I smile […]

This is a short video highlighting the experiences had during The Great Australian Road Trip – Part IV- Adelaide to Perth I hope you like it!! Cheers. G Follow Greg’s exciting adventure around Australia – From the Best Job in the World to the completion of the Great Australian Road Trip!