Bruneck with Tourismuszukunft Snell Media

What up guys!?! Thanks for coming back to Snell Media 🙂 This week we visited Bruneck in north Italy, exploring the beautiful town with a group of travel consultant professionals known as Tourismuszukunft – Bruneck is an amazing little historic city in the heart of the Italian Dolomite region. It has wonderful architecture, great food, friendly people, […]

Right on, this short video highlights my experiences travelling throughout French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana (collectively known as the Guyanas). It is in support of the second Lost World post I uploaded here. I hope you like it! 🙂 Cheers from Santa Elena, Venezuela!! G.

French Guiana

Crossing the Amazon marked the beginning of Part II of this trip. The 4,000 plus km covered in northeast Brazil were all on route to this remote and often overlooked corner of the continent. The Guyanas is a combined name used to define three separate countries, French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana (English). All three are […]

This is the first video blog update of the trip. I am hoping to produce three additional videos as the intended Lost World journey continues. The videos are going to combine with a blog post and FB album for each section of the trip. So yeah, here she is, I hope you like it! Six […]

Lencoise Maranhenses

his is the first real travel update on my Lost World trip. I started the journey from Rio de Janerio with the intention of making Cartagena, Colombia in three months overland. This is still my intention and I am literally a portion of the way closer to making that eventual goal. The north east coast […]

team awesome

Such a great ‘Best Jobs’ wrap up post by the Canadian Blogger Samantha Clarke. Sam was a part of the competition as the resident blogger and had a ton of interaction with the 18 finalists throughout the 12 day final interview process. Have a look at some of the post ‘Best Jobs’ thoughts from the […]

Welcome to Adelaide!!

I am sitting at gate 51 in SYD International. In one hour I will begin 40 hours flying time with an additional 10 hours (give or take) of connection waiting time. For those who know their airport codes, SYD > LAX > ATL > GIG and the return to South America. Go! Exactly one month […]

Throughout the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ finale I acquired a ton of great footage and photos. I have been sitting on this content for the last week trying to figure the best way to share with the world. The experience is still something I am finding difficult to express, the incredible people, the challenges […]

Best Jobs Winners!!

Day 12 – June 21st I did it, and its official. I have been selected as Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia and am a winner of the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ contest. It is difficult to put this feeling into words and onto the page. I am on cloud nine, sitting atop the world. […]