tbex 2015

Over the last few months I have been focusing heavily on creating a successful beginning to what I hope will be my future career. During this time I started to loose sight of this blog and the reasons why I started travel writing in the first place. The last year running my own business has […]

TGTL - Travel Global Think Local

This is my second post of the New Year and quite a change from the norm. I usually write more frequently and more about travel experiences, more about a life on the road, about the destination, and not so much about my ideas for the future.  However this year started off differently. I moved to […]

A Roo in the vines

Today is the last day in over a year of working and travelling in Australia. It has been a life changing journey full of epic adventures, incredible places, and extraordinary people. I have been exceptionally lucky to have experienced Australia unlike many people have done before. In only one year I traversed some 40,000km, visited […]

This is a short video highlighting my time spent thus far touring Kangaroo Island. For almost the entire month of December 2013 I explored as much of KI as possible and officially started working as ‘Best Jobs in the World – Wildlife Caretaker’. It was an absolute blast and one I have written about in more detail […]

The path leads

A winters wind passes. A springs flower blooms. The autumn leaf falls with but a slight trace upon the ground. The summer sun shines through a canopy slowly swaying. Another year passes, unnoticed. This path is where my feet rest, leaving their trace, the path where dozens of feet have passed before mine. This path […]