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TBEX and re-Inspired to Write

Over the last few months I have been focusing heavily on creating a successful beginning to what I hope will be my future career. During this time I started to loose sight of this blog and the reasons why I started travel writing in the first place. The last year running my own business has been an absolute blast and everything I’ve learned has helped pave the way for where I am today. However to look back well before just this last year, it was studying adventure tourism, being a tour leader, embarking on epic solo adventures, and the desire to share my travel experiences that helped mould this blog and the outcomes that were to follow.

Recently I attended an annual Travel Blogging conference called the Travel Bloggers Exchange or TBEX. It was an opportunity to reconnect with the craft I had begun to feel disconnected from and a chance to meet some fellow travellers I had been following via social networking for years. It was also a chance to meet some old friends and even one who was my reference for Australia’s Best Job in the World.

The conference was held over three days and was an absolute blast. There were over 600 travel writers, bloggers, industry reps, brands, and destinations being represented and everyone shared the similar love for travel and passion for great storytelling. It was like being re-united with long lost family at a giant reunion. Amazing!

The sign on opening night with a sweet pool reflection.

TBEX holds 18 key note talks each day, and with good organization, you should be able to make four of them so the trick was to choose wisely. I was privileged to attend eight talks in total, all of which were incredibly beneficial to my understanding of this space and the importance of my blog.  I think the ones I took the most from were Jodi Ettenberg and Derek Baron on monetising your blog, Gary Arndt and Stephanie Yoder on planning the sustainable long term of your blog, and Ian Ord‘s talk on how to make a tour company from your blog, even though I don’t really see myself ever doing so, it was incredibly interesting all the same.

The talks were also a great way to develop an idea for the future of Greg Goes Global and how I wish to engage more often with you, the reader!! Also I want to thank you, if you’ve been following these journeys for awhile, or if you’ve just popped (not pooped) onto the site and are digging the content. It’s because of you I started this blog in the first place and because of you I want to continue these journeys sharing with you the world as I see it and understanding as we see it.

This years TBEX was held at Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava of Catalonia, Spain. Luckily for me, now that I am based in Germany it was relatively easy to get there and it was a new part of the world to explore which I always love. Of course it didn’t disappoint, with a stunning coastline and some sweet beaches, here are a few of my favourite snaps.

Overall the five day excursion was well worth it and I am very happy I attended TBEX. I want to give a shout out to the Hotel Acacias Lloret for putting me up, the entire blogging crew that was at the hotel (mostly Italians, Aussies, and Brits) who were all amazing!! The incredible people I met at the conference, including Cailin, Mike, Stevo, Steph, Vicky, Becki, Olivia, Ian, Brenna, Chris, and on and on and on 🙂

We always say its about the people who make the experience, the destination and journey are secondary. It’s who you share your experiences with that creates the longest lasting impression

So in conclusion I am stoked to be rejuvenated and excited about continuing Greg Goes Global. The next few months are going to follow the journey of Travel Global Think Local and the short documentary travel series we developed and funded through Kickstarter. After that I have a few contracts as a photographer around Europe and I am hoping this blog will follow those hectic adventures trying to get the perfect shot while on the road exploring this ancient continent.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and stay tuned for some more great stuff to come.





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