Visiting Morocco: The Original Surf Camp

12 Feb Visiting Morocco: The Original Surf Camp

Take a moment to think about your personal prerequisites for a travel destination. Where would you want to go next and why? For Greg and I, the first condition is usually not having been there before. Like most passionate travelers, we aim at seeing the world and every trip is a little piece of the delicious cake of countries we have not visited yet.

Morocco started to appear on our wish list from the day we knew that we would be living in Spain for a while. The association I had with this place was probably pretty classic and limited: dry and hot desert, colourful and busy cities with narrow streets and hectic market squares, spices and exotic food. Starting our trip in Marrakech, we were able to experience the organized chaos of honking cars, dusty streets and negotiating salesman wherever you go. Followed by a visit to the Sahara Desert, framed by the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains, which is an absolute must in order to understand where the barber culture has its roots.


Medina Sunset.


Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Days!

Morocco Surf

What neither of us had in mind when thinking about a trip to Morocco was what the Atlantic coast line has to offer: endless stretches of beautiful sand beaches and waves that every surfer dreams of. Greg and I have both been introduced to the world of surfing (it is not a sport, it is a lifestyle!) and we enjoy the relaxing vibes that come with it every time we test our skills during travels. However, I cannot claim to fully have understood the surf culture until this day; what it means to “shred the gnar” every day and to read waves, wind, and breaks.

Made it to the coast and the view from Original Surf

Made it to the coast and the view from Original Sur

With the luck on our side, we were introduced to the owner of one of the many surf camps along the Moroccan coast, located just outside of Taghazout and Agadir. The Original Surf Camp Morocco is an oasis for every surfer, but also for travelers like us and we were happy to visit. In search of a quiet, friendly and authentic place to stay for a few days even weeks, or longer it seemed like a perfect bet.

Greg and I stayed with Abdellah and his crew for 4 days and we understood pretty quickly why some people had extended their stay from days to weeks at a time. The Camp consists of a four story building, highlighted by a rooftop and cozy community room for playing pool, hanging out and socializing. The rooftop room also functions as a dining hall for the main meals (breakfast and dinner), which are prepared by an incredibly talented Moroccan chef and will make you fall in love with the Moroccan Cuisine, if you haven’t already.

I could spend hours talking about the accommodation, the welcoming staff and unbelievably tasty food but I shall also explain why the stay at the Camp is not only pleasant and a treat for your stomach, but also exciting, challenging and inspiring.

A surf camp would not be a surf camp if the daily activity was not focused on getting out on the water and catching a few waves. Devils Rock is one of many beautiful bays along the coast and can be called a perfect spot for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. The local surf instructors of the Original Surf Camp are amazingly patent and managed to get even me standing up on the board after a few waves.

The surf, food, and atmosphere in the camp are amazing reasons to stay for a few weeks. However, the awesome crew, including a chef and surf instructors, also includes a very supportive and inspiring yoga teacher.

Some of you might not yet have experienced a real yoga practise or maybe you just feel like rocking the waves as it might be more your thing. I can only encourage everyone to give yoga a go and take part in a sunset or sunrise session on the rooftop of the Original Surf Camp. Even though I had, similar to the surfing, not really known too much about practising yoga, I was blown away from the amount of inspiration and physical work out I got out of it. Having both, the yoga and the surf will make you realize how perfectly these seemingly completely different exercises complement each other. How the awareness of your own body and physical strength can make you become one with the board while riding the wave. But even if you don’t believe in the power of body spirits, energy flows and breathing technics, you will absolutely enjoy your stay at the Original Surf Camp. Lean back and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, work on your suntan or make lifelong travel friends – there is a little detail about this place to fall in love with for every soul.

Yoga on the rooftop terrace

Yoga on the rooftop terrace

I hope that my writing can express a portion of the happiness and inspiration I have gained from our stay with these guys and that you will stop by in Taghazout if you ever travel through Morocco. Big thanks to Abdellah and his crew at the Original Surf Camp – it has been amazing to share these days with you and we hope to see you again soon.

Greg and Nellie


And we've arrived at Original Surf.

And we’ve arrived at Original Surf.


INFORMATION Original Surf Morocco:

The best car on the beach!!

The best car on the beach!!

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