This must be it, welcome to the New Year.

2013 and what is on my mind? Honestly, I am thinking about travelling. What a surprise. Sometimes I figure I should start to focus my thoughts on more “socially” expected things, like say a better paying job, a career path, strengthening my relationship, a potential long term spot to call home (settling, I think it’s called), etc. And yet the only thing I can focus on is planning that next big trip and the new adventure for the new year. Where I want to go, who I want to go with, or better yet who CAN go with me, how it fits into my schedule as a Tour Leader in South America (again), etc.  Right so on the subject, I want to share at least a little peek of what I am planning for 2013. Check this, I am torn between two big trips (both awesome) and will need to come to a decision asap as there are people planning their summers around my impossibly ambitious travel plans. However that being said I think I am finally leaning towards one of the two trips and have begun to wrap my head around beginning to pursue the logistics and timing of the big backpacking tour for this year. More on that trip to come later. It is going to be kick ass!


This blog post is about the beginning of the new year. So yeah, here we are 2013, the world didn’t end with the Mayan Calendar’s cycle, it has continued to continue, as was to be expected.   So where does it put me? This new year currently has me on a bus travelling from Colonia to Montevideo, Uruguay. I sit and watch the earth pass me by while thinking about what to write onto this page. I am in the middle of a six month contract as a G Adventures small group tour leader in the southern cone of South America. At the time of writing this (on a bus) I am leading a 17 day overland tour from Buenos Aires to Rio, crossing through central Uruguay, Iguazu Falls, and coastal Brazil. The group consists of 12 people from all different parts of the world, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, England, Ireland, Canadia, and algunos Americanos. So far so good, the group is pretty kick ass and it looks like we’re in for an amazing tour!

Travel is about open mindedness, laughter, connections and understanding, while making the most of every opportunity that crosses your path. I plan on doing exactly this and living life to its absolute fullest. There is so much to see and do in South America, the continent is fricking huge and has some killer backpacking potential, with hidden gems and (some) landscapes completely undisturbed by the industrial destruction of big business. 2013 is a chance for me to explore this continent, for me to see the South America I haven’t seen, to lead my tours in a way that focus on finding more and more off the beaten path locations, trying new restaurants, new activities, whatever. I’m not going to write any resolutions, I’m just going to do what makes sense for this year, what feels right, what makes me smile and makes those around me just as stoked on life as I am. The time is now, we need to act as much as we need to plan and dream.


I will continue to periodically update From Shwa to Ushaia over the next couple of months. This portion of my travel blog is focused on my time working as a tour leader and unfortunately, in this line of work I don’t get a lot of time to write for myself, I have to make time. Luckily I am good at making time and hope to continually keep whoever is reading this updated on my adventures and travels. I am constantly on the road and have four more trips on the current schedule leading me into mid March. Crazy, I know where I am going to eat dinner in El Chalten, Argentina…. in two month’s time.  Ha, noice!

I can’t remember the day of the week, but I know what day of the tour it is. Day 04 to be exact. From Montevideo we are heading for an Estancia in central Uruguay for a few days and then from there back into Arge and up to Missiones and Iguazu. The journey continues!


What is it about travel that keeps you going? Is it the constant search for something unique? Is it natural beauty, a stunning landscape, a new country, people, past, religions, an adventure? I increasingly find myself falling more and more for the life nomadic.  You would think that the more one travels the more that feeling of displacement from “reality” grows. However, sometimes it is this feeling which draws one the most. There is natural beauty to be found everywhere around us and I believe that travel allows me to find whatever it is I’m looking for, wherever I go.  But this is a trail of thought leading towards another post in general. What I am most interested in is, what is it about travel that keeps you going?





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