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Two Month Anniversary

Today marks exactly two months on the job as Wildlife Caretaker and one third of the ‘Best Jobs’ contract complete. Thus far I have travelled the Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, the Fleurieu Peninsula, and Adelaide with its beautiful surrounding areas. Every experience has been made incredibly memorable and unique solely by the wonderful people (and wildlife) who have been a part of the ‘Best Jobs’ campaign here in South Australia.

I am starting to see a trend in the experience, everyone I meet is fully in support of growing tourism to SA both domestically and abroad. This position is about visual story-telling, it’s about actively engaging other travellers and locals alike, sharing experience and marketing the incredible opportunities available here in SA.

I have been travelling and working full on for 60 days, and absolutely love it. The idea is meet up with a tour operator/national park staff, get the introduction and low down on their product/service/destination, experience it for the day and share it with the world via social media channels. The trick is staying on top of all the content. I am taking close to fifty photos per day plus videos and honestly spend about an hour each day editing and organizing all of the content. A day in the life is very much about staying organized and sharing what is relevant at the time (i.g. Valentines photo below). Plus picking out the best pieces to share with the operators/national parks, Tourism Australia, the SATC, and South Australia international marketing offices world-wide.

Loving the love
Loving the love
I want to continue to stay focused on the main goal of this campaign which is growing tourism in South Australia. The best results thus far have been proven through photography. People are absolutely loving the wildlife photos and I have seen a steady increase in followers and ‘likes’ on both Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, in the last 60 days. Especially Instagram. Some of my photos are seeing some serious love and a huge portion of this is credit to Tourism Australia’s continuing support of the ‘Best Jobs’ winners and sharing our content with the world.

Aussie Sea Lions smiles for yet another snap of the lens
Aussie Sea Lions smiles for yet another snap of the lens
Lockswell Picnic spot Western Eyre Peninsula
Lockswell Picnic spot Western Eyre Peninsula
Growing tourism to South Australia can be done through social media marketing. It is tough to produce a material result from the stats but one can easily theorise potential. Through the first two months on the job we have been able to generate growth via the online reach of content. With continued experience, travel, and visual story-telling, we will grow these numbers and positively influence more people to travel and see more of this wonderful state. These last 60 days have given me the vision and insight needed to tap into what people ‘like’ and really want to see. Cute animals doing human like things is a winner.

Big Hugs on Kangaroo Island!!
Big Hugs on Kangaroo Island!!
To be honest, it has been relatively easy because of the incredibly interactive wildlife experiences, stunning landscapes, active adventures, and gastronomically delightful food and wine tastings possible. I feel like South Australia is pretty underrated on the national tourism scale, and that might just be our greatest asset. There is so much to do and see here and it is all still relatively unknown on a global (and domestic) scale. A friend of mine said to me this morning, ‘I feel like a lot of my friends left SA for a while then returned realizing that what they have is pretty special and spectacular, and this is where they really want to be’. That sums up things pretty well.

The first two months have been a wealth of memorable experiences and lifelong friendships created. The next four months are shaping up to be just as memorable and awesome, and I will continue to make the most of every single day. I have said it before and still believe it, live for the moment and dream of the future. The time is now and South Australia is where it is all happening. This state is going off, summer is in full swing, Fringe festival has arrived, Adelaide is a buzz, and the Best Jobs in the World continues.

Where should I go next in South Australia? Have you been here, do you live here, what is your favourite part of this incredible state?



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      • Thanks for repply us 🙂 We’re so happy that we can speak with you, what you’re doing is so fantastic, magic and exceptional!! It’s so cool that you can say and share what you do in Australia so we can follow you, it’s like we’re with you :)) ! Because of you, we really want to go in Australia and to do one of the best jobs in the world !!!!

  • Hi Greg!
    The previous comment is from 2 of my students, because as I have told you, I’ve done a webquest on your blog!
    I hope they liked it!!!!
    I’ll talk with them about it!!
    But in fact, they’re right!!! you’re very lucky to be there and to experience so many things!!!!!!
    Hope to get news from you soon!!!
    have a nice day!

    • Hi Virginie, thanks for doing a webquest with your class. It’s very cool to share my experiences of South Australia and hopefully inspire these little guys to travel in the future. Travel is a great education within itself. Enjoy the upcoming summer in France 🙂

      • You’re absolutely right!! travelling is just wonderful!!! I still didn’t have the opportunity to travel much (even if I am en English teacher!!!!) but I really would like to!!! It’s a real dream in fact!!! But meanwhile I try to travel thanks to you and your blog so thanks a lot!!! Lots of kisses! Bye!!! (and thanks to answer them!!! They will be sooo happy, ;-)!!!)

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