First friends meal in Germany. Awesome!!

Update on my Short Trip Home

Hi guys, my apologies for not writing more often this month. I have been working hard on the organization and pre production for the upcoming first three episodes of the documentary travel series, Travel Global Think Local.

I have also spent 14 day at home in Toronto, Ontario. I came back from Europe to apply for the one year German Youth Mobility Visa, which I am very happy to announce I secured yesterday! This means I am returning to Germany on the 18th of April and will stay for the next 12 months!! I plan to travel a lot around the continent and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities each country and culture represent.

Over the last two weeks I have visited with my extended family celebrating Easter in Canada. I have visited my 92 year old Grandmother at her home in London, Ontario. And had some great catch ups with friends in both Oshawa and Toronto. It has been a really great mini home vacation, if you could call it that.

Things are also moving along well with TGTL and I plan to continue writing updates here over the next few weeks leading up to our first shoot later this May.

Hope you’re doing well wherever you may be!!