TGTL Opener

Update on TGTL Kickstarter Campaign

Hi Everyone,

Wow, we are so close to 70% raised with only 9 more days to go!! It is amazing to see all of the support flow in from all over the world, thank you!!

Your generous pledge and support thus far is humbling. It is incredible to have hit 65% of our goal and with still one week to go, we have a great chance of making this really happen.

Please continue to support this initiative by telling more people about it. Word of mouth has been much more effective than any other form of networking I’ve seen thus far. You can especially help by getting one (or two) of your friends, work mates, travel buddies, or family members to pledge whatever they can.

Every dollar counts and I need this extended word of mouth marketing to help make the difference.

Please continue to be the driving force helping me tell the amazing stories of people who are creating positive change in this world. It is up to us to take this one step further, the next level.

We will build a stronger future by engaging people who empower positive change.

One great example of this is the small business and champion of TGTL WithLocals who share very similar ideas and are helping to shape a more unifies world. Check them out for an interesting and ultimately rewarding twist to your next holiday.

Thank you,