The Great Australian Road Trip – Part V – Perth to Darwin

You know the term wonderlust, the idea that we’re always searching for that perfect dreamscape experience, the one that most travellers strive for? I personally don’t like to use the term often, but it seems suiting for this train of thought. Sometimes I like to think that I live within this dream we call life and that our lives can truly be the vacation most people work years for. This type of freedom is not to be taken lightly and I will forever do everything in my power to immerse myself in the lifestyle of the traveller, the explorer, the ambitious seeker of opportunity, the dreamer.

This video highlights a time shared between four people (each with their own dreams and aspiring goals) and their journey across a giant chunk of the Australian Continent.  It highlights the experiences had, the places discovered, and those tiny little moments of complete and unquestionable beauty. A crew that embarked on a wild adventure wide eyed and innocent, sharing wonderful experiences that have created a bond which will last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you also strive for that wonderlust, the purity, the happiness, and the ultimate freedom of a life lived on the road.

Let the journey continue.


Follow Greg’s exciting adventure around Australia – From the Best Job in the World to the completion of the Great Australian Road Trip!


4 thoughts on “The Great Australian Road Trip – Part V – Perth to Darwin

  • Brilliant!! Looking forward to seeing lots of photos of your next adventure. Will you be staying in Australia for a while? Whatever you choose to do next enjoy it and let us know. 🙂 xx

  • Awesome, you keep on being a real inspiration Greg! Please never stop travelling and sharing these beautiful impressions. Wish you always good vibes! Best, Seb

    • Hi Sebas, thanks for the comment mate! That is the idea. The world is big and full of beautiful places and people. I wish to explore and help tell the stories of positive experience.

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