VIDEO: Lost World – Part I – Brazil Costa Norte

This is the first video blog update of the trip. I am hoping to produce three additional videos as the intended Lost World journey continues. The videos are going to combine with a blog post and FB album for each section of the trip. So yeah, here she is, I hope you like it!

Six years ago I came to the conclusion that documenting my travels through a journal or photography and sharing these experiences with friends and family just wasn’t enough. Honestly, I never actually started writing a journal because I figured no one would want to read it, other than say my kids in 20 years’ time or maybe my immediate family. Photography was good bet because I could paint a thousand words with light and frame captured, however, this was before the time of Facebook and sending a mass email update with a few attached favourites, again just wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to find a way to portray the experiences I was having in a more engaging format, something raw. Enter the moving picture.

I have been witness to a pattern or trend within the last six years of travelling. People increasingly turning from the classic post cards, to mass emails, to skype and international calls, and eventually to simple personal blogs (like this one) which others could subscribe to via email and get an update every time the author wrote a new post.  I remember reading mass email updates from a friend travelling India in 2006.  It was amazing to read the weekly posts and made me feel like I was right there, riding along through the journeys and experiences. This has increased ten fold in the last two years and I now see the majority of travellers documenting their travels online.  And why not really, it is automatically stored, cannot be stolen, has the capability to share photos instantly and best of all, it’s free and convenient.

Yet I don’t find myself following other blogs. I am a product of the digital age and have a relatively short attention span. I don’t even think I would make it this far into this very post, I would just read the intro paragraph, watch the above video, and move on. 🙂 Kudos if you’re still reading.

I think that the best format to engage the viewer is short concise videos highlighting how I see my travels. These experiences are why I love to travel and why not share them in the format that I most enjoy creating. The above vid is exactly this and a short view into a portrayal of how I lead my life. This is what I will show my children in 20 years time. I will say, “look, this was your dad at 27.” …and I can’t wait to see the look on their faces.

Obviously things will change and evolve as they do, but for now, in this moment, this is how I have come to document my travels, a nice balance of the blog post, photos, and a short vid. So again, I hope you like it and stayed tuned for the next installment of the Lost World trip.

p.s. I will try to keep the blog posts shorter, promise.

How do you document your travels? What is your preferred method of sharing with friends and family?


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