Wildlife Caretaker – One Month on the Job

Avoid Bay - Coffin Bay NP - Eyre Peninsula

26 Jan Wildlife Caretaker – One Month on the Job

Wow, time flies. I think this experience is going to go by all too quickly. The last 30 days have been amazing, truly a crazy jam packed travel itinerary full of wonderful people and incredible experiences. From Kangaroo Island to the Eyre Peninsula and the amazing coastline of South Australia, the last month has been a full on introduction to my role as Wildlife Caretaker and one I have enjoyed immensely.

As soon as I arrived in Adelaide I was shipped off to Kangaroo Island to begin the first 18 day stint of the Wildlife Caretaker role. It was an amazing opportunity to dig my feet in and really get a better perspective of how I was going to go about tackling the requirements of the Best Job in the World. I have set certain goals for myself and created somewhat of a schedule to begin working at achieving these goals. The idea is to produce narrative blog posts, photos, and videos all shared through this site then channelled through what we all know and love as social media with the overall goal being that the content shared helps to grow tourism and travel within South Australia.

Me with Moxie the Macaw

Me with Moxie the Macaw

With that being said, the first month was full on with me being able to create and share hundreds of photos, six How To South Australia updates, two destination videos (one will go live next week), and two narrative blog updates. I am setting the bar high and want to challenge myself during this opportunity. The more incredible South Australian content we can create and share, the better.

From Kangaroo Island I flew directly to Port Lincoln and spent the first few weeks of January exploring the Eyre Peninsula. What an incredible destination. Seriously, this place is well worth a visit. It is now my go to answer for people asking what has surprised me the most thus far. It is the absolute remoteness of the far western beaches of the peninsula. Places like Lockswell and Blacks and Streaky and Venus and Sheringa and so on and so on and so on. If you rock up to a beach on the Eyre and someone is on it, you just go to the next one. Not that we don’t like socializing, it’s just how it is out here. You can have a world class 5km white sand beach completely to yourself!!

Sheringa Beach - Western Eyre Peninsula.

Sheringa Beach – Western Eyre Peninsula.

Not a bad spot for a swim

Not a bad spot for a swim

Exploring the Eyre has definitely been a highlight thus far of the Wildlife Caretaker position. I have been lucky to have been introduced to this area of South Australia so early on in the Best Jobs gig and am already itching to go back. There is a ton of natural sweeping landscapes just waiting to be seen. There are Kangaroos and Dolphins and Sea Lions and a whole bunch of other endemic Australian animals roaming wild in this pristine and perfectly adapted ecosystem. The coast line is rugged and dotted with hidden gems that need only to be found by the person searching in the right place.

The first month has absolutely flown by as I figured it would, yet by staying on top of these updates and keeping my priorities straight I can share the very best of this experience with you, and be able to look back at it years from now and smile. Life is meant to be enjoyed and travelling South Australia, being introduced to wonderful people with genuine care, photographing and learning about such beautiful wildlife, and being an active part of growing a sustainable future for tourism in this state has been an incredible experience thus far and one I will continue to pursue throughout the remainder of this contract.

Big shout to all on this perfect sunny day in Adelaide, South Australia!!


Great Ocean Tourist Drive Eyre Peninsula

Great Ocean Tourist Drive Eyre Peninsula

Greg Snell
  • Diana Williams
    Posted at 00:41h, 28 January

    Greg – what a brilliant piece of writing to inspire many more to come and visit South Australia. Your comment in regards to the Eyre Peninsula being the place that has surprised you the most was perfect to read. We have so many people tell us that they didn’t expect to find such spectacular scenery, friendly people (who love a few drinks, amazing seafood and good company!) and diverse activities and things to enjoy.
    Thank you for visiting us here on Eyre Peninsula and sampling a King Coffin Bay Oyster here at the Port Lincoln Hotel, we hope to see you again soon. Cheers and enjoy the rest of your time here in this incredible state.

    • Greg Snell
      Posted at 00:52h, 28 January

      Hi Diana,

      Wow thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Indeed I had an amazing time touring the Eyre Peninsula and Port Lincoln and am very much looking forward to coming back! There is so much to discover in this area of the state and I can’t wait to continue exploring. Safe travels and enjoy the rest of summer. G.

    • Maralynn
      Posted at 03:23h, 28 February

      The answer of an exptre. Good to hear from you.

      • Greg Snell
        Posted at 05:41h, 28 February

        Hi Maralynn, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Elise and Alice
    Posted at 19:42h, 31 March

    Hello !!
    The picture with the big shoes is very funny and very beautiful !
    We would like to be in Australia because we are in school now ! 🙂
    So good bye !!
    We was writting from in english class of miss Suray,
    Elise and Alice
    elise.pigeon@hotmail.fr and licmillet@gmail.com

  • Téo and Guillaume
    Posted at 19:52h, 31 March

    Hi man, the place you have already visited is very beatiful and amazing. have you already seen landscape ?

  • Téo and Guillaume
    Posted at 19:56h, 31 March

    Hi again we are writing to you thanks to miss Suray,sorry I wanted to write “sunset” instead of “landscapes”

    Good by man

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