What is current your process working with Premiere Pro, Lightroom & YouTube?

Someone once told me, you can learn more in 30 min with another photographer then you can in one month on your own.

This current global pandemic has created an opportunity for us photographers & video creators to spend more time learning about production and post processing.

For the past 5 years I have spent countless hours editing videos and images, developing a tried and tested process. It’s time to offer this knowledge & experience to you directly, in a One to One session format.

Starting right now I am opening a LIMITED TIME portal for One to One sessions. These sessions will focus primarily on:

  • Whatever you Want (Lessons are Fully Customizable)
  • Video Production & Storytelling
  • Premiere Pro Editing
  • Videography for Photographers
  • Lightroom Photo Editing
  • Basic Photoshop Editing
  • All things YouTube & being a consistent Creator on YouTube

I would like to offer FREE consulting communications to best determine your current skill level and desired outcomes from the One to One session. To take advantage of this limited time offer, see the contact details below.

The lessons are fully customizable. We can talk about whatever you WANT. The sessions will then be held via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger or Zoom. Whichever you prefer. 

The cost of the session is €50 Euro per session (one hour) or 120 Euro for three Sessions of direct One to One video conferencing

As a freelance video creator, adventure travel photographer, and YouTuber, I have lost the majority of my regular income over the last few weeks. This is NOT a sob story, it’s an opportunity to do new things like these One to One sessions, to share my knowledge and connect directly with YOU!  

If you are interested in this limited time offer please contact me direct for your FREE consulting communication using the subject One to One

 greg (at) snellmedia (dot) com