Bali Video & Photo Retreat Complete

Can you believe it, the first ever BvS Squad Video & Photo Retreat is complete!! Amazing. We had an absolute blast hosting the inaugural Video Workshop format here in Bali. And what a perfect setting to do so. Here is Nellie’s Video introducing the first few days of the Retreat.

The concept behind this retreat style format is a new take on a classic photography workshop but with a focus on VIDEO. Over a ten day period we mix adventure tour style excursions with in house learning sessions and cultural experiences.ย ย 

The first ever retreat in Bali was a sort of a concept test and we are happy to say it passed with flying colours, as we knew it would. & huge shout out to the participants who joined the first ever Video & Photo Workshop, without their support and shared passions we would never have been able to complete the Retreat.

Throughout the retreat we focused on things like sharing skills and insights on video production, editing, digital content creation for brands, as well as landscape photography & videography in general. We also mixed in private Yoga lessons (as shown here), personal massages, cooking classes, temple visits, a private swimming pool, and city tours. Overall it was an awesome mix of Adventure travel, Culture, Photography, and Videography.

The 2nd ever Video Retreat will definitely be happening in October 2020 & we’ll be announcing more details soon… so stay tuned, it’s going to be great and we want to see you there!!

For all of the detailed info on this inaugural Workshop Retreat check out this link.ย