Hiking in Alicante: Sierra del Cid

How do I find hiking trails near me? We are trying to keep physically active and spend time outdoors no matter where we are. Here is how I found the Sierra del Cid Hike in Alicante.

Most people associate traveling with vacation, leisure and recreation, looking for a break from their daily working routine. Transforming a daily life routine into constant traveling means changing your life style in many ways. Frequently changing environments, long bus rides and enjoyment of traditional foods – Daily exercising usually becomes secondary. So how do I stay fit while traveling?

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As much as we love to just go with the flow of the places we visit, Greg and I have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We try stay active and spend time outdoors as often as possible. For this reason, I enjoy finding hiking trails near me whenever I find time. Hiking creates the fantastic opportunity of exploring the environment in your own pace. Only walking makes you discover the most picturesque views while staying physically active and fit.

When Greg and I first moved to Alicante, I was excited about doing some hiking in the nearby hills. Finding hiking trails near me would be the perfect way to get to know our new backyard.

With Greg’s parents visiting from Canada, I was looking for a hike that would be challenging but not excessively long. Of course it should also reward with some stunning views for good photographs.

Finding Hiking Trails Near You

Against my expectations the search turned out to be a bit difficult. Most hiking paths around Alicante recommended on the internet are a minimum of 8 km long and last several hours. Luckily, I had heard of a nearby mountain called Sierra del Cid, “sierra” meaning mountain ridge. As there was very little information about the length or starting point of the walk, we decided to wing it. I find that following google maps is not the ideal way to find hiking trails near you, but it usually gets you closeish.

From downtown Alicante, the highway A-31 takes you into the surrounding hills. The road connects some of the provincial communities such as Elche, Novelda and Sax with the coast. Just before getting into the ancient village of Petrer, we took the exit Avinguda la Molineta.

The turn was followed a number of small side roads and eventually lead us to the official parking lot of the Sierra del Cid. By asking one of the passing locals, we found out that the hike up to the peak would be well marked. It should only take us about 2 hours return, with rewarding views to be expected at the top.

The Climb

Indeed, the path seemed to be made for us: A narrow, but decently secured gravel path winds up the 1100m high mountain in serpentines. The trail is framed by beautiful rosemary and thyme bushes. Taking our time taking pictures and filming, we reached a little plateau after about 45 minutes of steady, but not too steep climbing.

The last part of the route finally was a bit more strenuous and tricks the hiker with a number corners that look promising but turn out to be false summits. When we finally reached the top of the Sierra del Cid, breathtaking views immediately rewarded the challenging exercise. On a clear day, the peak provides a clear vision all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and great pictures of the surrounding hills, vineyards and little towns.

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The way down is easy on your breath, but mind the loose gravel under your feet. We were all more than happy with the outcome of our little adventure and would totally recommend this hike. It is suitable for a half day trip and thanks to plenty of tree shade very doable in the summer time.

Finding hiking trails near me is my go to activity whenever I feel like I have been indulging too much in local foods. Hiking is not only an easy way to stay fit, but the best way to explore new surroundings. Especially for those of you who are not really fans of working out in a gym or going for a run: Fresh air and beautiful scenery can almost make any physical challenge enjoyable.

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