April 13th - 24th, 2024

As most of you know I have been leading tours down in Patagonia since 2011. In the last few years have been in partnership with Brendan Van Son. 2024 will be different.

This upcoming season I will be leading a private group of intrepid travellers looking to explore Patagonia together. I was asked to help them organize and operate the trip. This is a private tour and is currently sold out. With that said I plan on running Patagonia again in April 2025. That departure can also be found here on the Snell Media website.

Photography in Patagonia, as you know is a profound exploration of nature’s beauty. This is a wild land where colossal glaciers and rugged landscapes converge to create a mesmerising canvas. Each image captures this region’s raw beauty, from windswept plains to towering mountains, embodying the essence of this untamed wilderness. 

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